In view of the First Obstructionist's disservice to our country

July 05, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

Got $61? Here's a great idea for it.

Seems the Lovely Laura has asked Republican donors to pony up $61 (I assume she meant each, rather than collectively), and send it to the Republican Party in honor of the First Obstructionist's 61st birthday (July 6).

What? You say you find that a repulsive idea? Well, I'm here to offer you a viable alternative. (Click here for particulars.)

A Smiling Chimpster at this link suggests multiple non-GOP venues for your donation. A commenter adds the possibility of making your $61 donation to the progessive candidate or cause of your choice.

This is great!

Get out that checkbook or plastic now, please and thank you. Be sure to tell 'em Laura sent you. And then spread the word

UPDATE: Here via Bob Geiger are 25 GOP senators you will likely most want to avoid gifting. This is the gang, still in the Senate, who voted twice to impeach Clinton and have remained mute about the First Obstructionist et al. Thought you'd want to know.

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Poet (not verified) | July 5, 2007 - 7:32pm

What, no curtsie? Babs, you are slipping in your sarcasm. There was a great piece in your own beloved Strib about Peter Edmunds who built a very tastefully done anti-war float and then proceeded to enter it in as many parades as possible.

Now that's what I call creative confrontation! According to Edmunds it usually quieted the crowd considerably as it rolled by. No doubt in that momentary silence many had the chance to think "out of the box" for the first time in a long time about this awful war.

Oh and two other things, it was built by members of Veterens for Peace and the article about it is on today's Common Dreams.


barbara aka babs (not verified) | July 6, 2007 - 8:45am

" . . . your own beloved Strib . . ."??? Hope your tongue has bored its way right through that cheeky cheek. Once upon a time, the Strib . . . oh, you know.

Saw the piece about the float. Also that it was banned in some parades. No. Place. For. Truth. Don't die on my parade.

Ya think there's a message here about mass denial?


barbara aka babs (not verified) | July 6, 2007 - 8:49am

From Editors & publishers:

Rep. John Doolittle, a consevative California congressman, today joined others in his party rapidly deserting the president on the Iraq war.

At a town hall meeting in Rocklin and then in a meeting with the editorial board of the Sacramento Bee he questioned whether the conflict was worth the loss of more American lives.

Uh, John? The answer is "NO."