Back on the table again

July 03, 2007 by barbara

I will update this post as relevant information becomes available. And at some point, after the murk o'mind clears a bit, will probably think of something to say about all of this ("this" being criminal activity and obstruction of justice as rendered by the president of the United States).

Click here for larger view of the photo, which I have entitled "Back on the table."


Click here for Joe Wilson interview on this morning's Today Show.

Click here to access Firedoglake, where there is ongoing informed commentary about all of this and more.

Click here to read today's NY Times editorial.

Click here to read Fox News article. Stop gagging. Just do it.

Click here for examples of editorials nationwide.

Click here to read Susan's post.

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paul miller (not verified) | July 3, 2007 - 9:27am

re: weak kneed politicos

contact Joe Biden and ask that instead of telling us to tie up the phone lines of the White House that he get off his ass and call for IMPEACHMENT of cheney and bush

btw - the white house comment line is busy - so what does that accomplish, Joe? maybe we'll feel better about our system of justice?


barbara aka babs (not verified) | July 3, 2007 - 10:01am

I know, I know. Do it anyway. We have to make noise. Lots of it. Constantly. It is time to take off the muzzles. Mine, yours, ours, theirs.


POet (not verified) | July 3, 2007 - 10:04am

Impeach Cheney first (HR 333) Hooray for Dennis Kucinich!

Then impeach Bush (maybe we could have it be HR 666!)


paul miller (not verified) | July 3, 2007 - 11:25am

call 202) 456 - 2861 which is the office of the administration and tell them you want to leave a comment for the president, otherwise you will get a busy signal on the normal line, call early and often