Barbie doll's live sister defends democracy

July 02, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

Oh, oh, oh! Democracy is safe! No, really. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota’s CD6 Congressional bimbo, is in the Middle East, checking out the war and stuff. For out-of-staters, you might remember Bachmann as the babe who fawned and groped Junior after his State of the Union address.

Bachmann has preached politics in one of the nation’s most right-wing congregations. She reportedly used to lead prayer chains (real ones – made up of people) through the halls of our state capitol. She was photographed hiding in bushes to spy on gay rights activists. Don’t even ask her about the women’s loo – so many stories, so little time. She is, in short, a royal piece of work. And she is simply wild about George. They are a perfect match, intellectually, politically, morally. So now what?

Now Bachmann is part of a congressional delegation to the Middle East. They left Saturday. You can read the whole storylet here where the Star Tribune continues its new excellence focus: "everything that's print to fit."

Anyway, I've been wondering whether Bachman was able to find a Kevlar push-up bustiere and a Commando Barbie to take along on her excellent adventure. God, I hope so. Well, that and her autographed copy of the Bible.

As for those who believe this is shameless self-promotion on Bachmann's part, suspend your disbelief, I say. Mickey Bachmann is the realest deal. A Bush foot-soldier in spike heeled, strappy shoes. A giggle and a kiss. Whose only position is tilt right.

Lordy, I feel better already. You, too?

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Anonymous (not verified) | July 11, 2007 - 12:04am

Have just recently been made aware of your blog. Thoughtful writing. We are often on same wavelength. Piece on Michele Bachman makes me comment. Couldn't imagine she'd even be nominated, let alone win an election. A total embarrassment on every level. God bless Amy Kloubechar. Wish we have more like her in the Senate--and the House. Keep up the good work!


susan | July 12, 2007 - 4:04pm

Hey, thanks. Keep a' writing! And if you can, use a name or some initials, as we have someone who calls himself anonymous who writes inane and critical comments to us. And we wouldn't want to confuse the two of you!