Tim Walz: Antidote to slough of despond

June 30, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

Folks, freshman Congressman Tim Walz could use our help. He's not my congressional representative. I don’t have one. Think John Kline.

Tim Walz is the Mankato high school teacher who unseated the oily BushCo foot soldier, Gil Gutknecht, last November. The contrast between Gutknecht and Walz could not be more extreme. For starters, words often applied to Walz include likeable, principled, authentic, integrity, real, accessible. And that overused favorite, “nice.” But I’ve met him. And it’s true. He’s a very nice man. So what, you ask? Click and read on.

Tim Walz is a military veteran and, as already mentioned, he was a school teacher before he ran for Congress. He does not have deep pockets. Neither do I. But we need to help this guy retire his campaign debt from the 2006 election and gird his loins for 2008. As you can well imagine, the Republithugs will be throwing everything they have against him.

I believe with my whole heart that if Tim Walz can establish a beachhead for the 2008 assault, he will win again. And when he does, he will be positioned to continue doing great things for Minnesota and the U.S.

Google him. And then help him out. Today would be nice, since it’s the end of the financial reporting quarter.

Click here to access Tim's campaign web site.

I keep asking, “What can we do?” This is one big thing.

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susan | June 30, 2007 - 3:25pm

Susan here, if any of you remember me. Been in Seattle with family for a week, then had two 11 year old grandsons here with us for a week, so the Clothesline was all Barb's, and what a lot of great linen she puts out there.
Just got back from taking the boys to the airport to board two different flights (cousins, not brothers) and so had to be there early, stay until the flights were airborne, thus arrived at 10 a.m., left at 2:40 p.m.
And during the week some old bits of maternal hormones, like the stuff on the bottom of a vinegar bottle, which is called the mother of vinegar, I do believe, reconstitued themselves to render me utterly sleepless for their stay. They're sound sleepers (hey, they're guys) so there was no rational reason for this at all, but there I lay, eyes circling like something from a Tom and Jerry cartoon, listening to every night noise, worrying if their room was too hot, too cool, the fan blowing too directly on them, whether they could find the bathroom in the dark, what if the one who sleepwalks heads for the stairs, what if . . .
Anyway, our week-long stay made today's lump-in-throat fatigue worthwhile. They went to basketball camp by day, water parks and Twins games and Lake Calhoun -- and okay, the Mall of America -- by night. But that was the balogna in the middle of our sandwich, because the last night they were here we took them to an Obama rally, and the first night they were here we took them to a Tim Walz fundraiser, which is how this comment relates to Barb's post.

They were dazzled by Obama, but they liked Tim Walz. As one boy said later, "he has a lot of good ideas going on in his head."

So yeah, go to Tim's website and donate today. He's the real deal, and, as an article in the Star Trib points out today, we don't have many real-deal school teachers in "people's house" anymore. But besides that, he's smart, informed, unpretentious and so's his wife Gwen and most likely his kids too. Yep, it's something we can all do.