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June 29, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

So what are we to do?

If we take a strong stand for ending George's War, we fuel the rage of the Fury-spewing Valkyries, who promise our butts will be lawn for our infamy. (NOTE: This applies equally to Republican Richard Lugar, who, upon denouncing George’s War, reportedly was summoned to the White House for a come-to-Jesus conversation with the First Hypocrite). Click and muse.

If we allow the war to rage on, the blood of our soldiers and Iraqis will continue to be spilled at the threshold of George and Dick’s oil empire.

If we subpoena Darth and Gonzo and their minions, we are branded “confrontational” non-patriots.

If we talk about impeachment, we are told it is impractical, consumes too much time and money, and that Nancy Pelosi long ago folded up the table upon which that option lay.

If we put our faith in the courts to do justice, everything circles back to Gonzo and the Supreme Court of the U.S. (SCOTUS).

If we are appalled by the Machiavellian machinations of the SCOTUS (and who in their left mind could be other than appalled?), we come to fully grasp that we were screwed the day John Roberts lied his way to confirmation.

If the scales fall from our eyes and we finally get that the Neocons have deployed themselves such that they truly control the four branches of government on their way to dismantling the U.S. Constitution, we are dismissed as alarmists.

If we send money to Dem incumbents, we reward their “I’ll get on board right behind ya, baby” reactive tactics.

If we don’t send money to Dem incumbents, for all practical purposes, we empower their opponents.

If we do nothing – nothing at all – we stay out of the line of fire, but if we have even a vestige of humanity, we discover it’s harder and harder to sleep at night. The slough of despond beckons.

So what are we to do?

Just askin’.

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paul miller (not verified) | June 29, 2007 - 9:44pm

We read the chicken shit democrats the riot act and we work like hell to throw out the loon a tic Repugnants. The Woodbury Bullitin today had the headline that Klobuchar was voted funniest freshman. WHO GIVES A SHIT???????? We need to give them the respect they deserve which is very little and DEMAND accountability at every opportunity. Cheney needs a prisoner number more than Scooter does. Rail, rant, demand, implore until we get justice. No more appeasing of the Mayberry Machivellians by the dim witted democrats - great job on Roberts.
call Pelosi and demand that We the people want Impeachment back on the table, NOW!


perhansa (not verified) | June 30, 2007 - 8:34am

Ebb and flow...the pendulum swings...yin and yang...cheech and chong...a season, turn turn, turn until you're sick to the stomach and want to puke. Perhaps it's the end days of the American empire rotting from within...perhaps its the present flow of the political tides and the next generation will witness something better. What we have today is the result of what we did yesterday. We are shaping the future now. perhaps we won't see the light of day. But our children or grandchildren will if we do the right things now. It may be too late to do anything but wait out BushDickCo and prepare the next generation for something better. Somewhere we failed to shore up the progressive, humanistic model against the ravages of irrationality, greed, egotism, self-interest, and the Machiavellians. American culture is too easily swayed by fantasy, capitalism, diversion, and the glittery bobbles of consumerism. We've no maturity. No grounding in history and philosophy. Ours is a shallow, hedonisitic, anti-intellectual culture. Perhaps this is the predictable conclusion of such a mindset. Name calling is the stuff of childhood--those who attack rational discussion and a call for sanity are practicing infantilism. Playground bully tactics.

I'm traveling right now and in a hotel in Cleveland. I rarely ever watch TV but being tired and stuck in a hotel room I did last night. What mindless, insulting inanity (except for the hour of Washington Week and Now I watched). The average American spends more than four and half hours a day of this crap. No wonder we're getting stupider. The cinema is mostly superficial crap. The worse the reviews the more likely a movie is to be number one at the box office. I swear I'd be drooling idiot if I watched this stuff on a regular basis. I know that sounds condescending and it is...I admit. What's wrong with our country--well, look around. What are we pumping into our minds? What do we focus on? What do we read? Pop culture has won the culture war. It's a hundred miles wide and a millimeter deep. And progressives have to take much of the blame. We haven't promoted thoughtful humanism so much as anything goes nihilism. We only jumped on the "values" bandwagon once we saw the right wing had bottled it up and sold it to Kansas. Now all the Dems are talking god talk and jesus loves me to get elected. What about the values of reason, justice, fairness, openness, honesty, inquiry, security? What about sacrifice, service, environmental integrity? The whole values discussion is Pop Values--simplistic, soundbite, black-white.

American Pop...goes the weasel.


barbara aka babs (not verified) | June 30, 2007 - 5:08pm

Paul: " . . . Klobuchar was voted funniest freshman. Well, she has to make hay before Franken shines. (sigh) Who voted her the funniest freshman??? Paula and Simon?

Mayberry Machivellians You're on a roll.

And yeah, impeachment back on the table. In fact, it just occurred to me that the very best visual we frustrated outsiders might provide is to have a table delivered to Pelosi at the U.S. Congress. Which would probably take light years to get through security, so what's the point?! They've got us at every turn, don't they? Okay, then, a donation earmarked (get it?) for a table upon which to return impeachment.

I am so frustrated.


barbara aka babs` (not verified) | June 30, 2007 - 5:19pm

Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Laverne and Shirley. Pomp and circumstance. Garbage in, garbage out. The mind reels, doesn't it?!

It blows my tiny mind as I begin to grasp how long we've been asleep at the wheel. Cheney and Rove and their boy toy have been systematically seizing every single aspect of government over the past -- how long? Ever since Nixon or Reagan, I suppose. And nobody did a thing to stop it.

Impeachment is the only possible solution because, as I understand it, that is the one thing that is beyond the reach of the SCOTUS. Having said that, just realized I know darn little about how it works. Read today that Minnesota's Keith Ellison is co-authoring Kucinich's impeachment bill. Cheeky little freshman, that. You go, Keith.

What about the values of reason, justice, fairness, openness, honesty, inquiry, security? What about sacrifice, service, environmental integrity? asks Perhansa. What indeed? It would be interesting to interview Americans to see what each one says they value. Without anyone there to prompt or support them. Hooked up to a B.S. detector so it would be possible to tell whether the value stated was real or bogus.

We just got a postcard today, bubbling with joy to let us know we've been selected by Nielsen as a TV survey household. Can't tell you how funny that is. Well, maybe you remember. TV in this house was used for years as an end table with a perky little cloth thrown over it. Now David turns it on at 10:00 to watch the "news" and then turns it off again. I am eager for Nielsen's call. They say it will take about five minutes. I'm guessing the first two questions will conclude the session.

Pop go the weasels. BushCo? Those weasels? If only.


paul miller (not verified) | June 30, 2007 - 5:41pm

i'll check to see who voted for Klobuchar as such a stich. "Mayberry Machivellians" is Kevin Phillips term so I can't claim credit - Babs, let's us know what you tell the Nielsen goofballs, I'm sure they won't be ready for your comments, I love getting investment calls for oil and I can tell them what I think of investing in oil, wars for oil and bushco. Usually they hang up on me before I hang up on them but I never seem to get taken off their list. Keep on rockin through the insanity and we'll see brighter days, I'm sure.


Anonymous (not verified) | June 30, 2007 - 9:00pm

Jack K was just released from the big house. You might want to give him a call; if he is still in the business.


paul miller (not verified) | June 30, 2007 - 10:26pm

Evidently Klobuchar's peer's have named her funniest freshman. Do they have funniest sophomore senator? There are some real cut ups in the senate like Ted Stevens and Mitch O'Connell who should definately win in their classes. And Lord knows Darth Cheney can tell some ass kickin jokes. Is he part of the Senate?