Revisionist naming: An idea whose time has come

June 21, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

I just read an interesting piece via HuffPost about Japan deep-sixing Iwo Jima. Not the island itself. Just its name. Henceforth the infamous island shall be known by its original name, Iwo To.

The infamy part is rooted in the fact that 7,000 Americans and, by various accounts, some 20,000 Japanese, perished in a bloody battle there in 1945. The subsequent photo of Marines raising the American flag on Mount Suribachi seared the island into memory – even for those of us who were too young to understand or no more than a gleam in the old man’s eye, as the old saying goes.

Recognizing that this is about returning to an earlier name, it nevertheless led me to reflect about renaming some other historic places, events and organizations to more accurately reflect their place in current time. Modest list follows.

A few suggested changes for your consideration:

The White House to The White Rabbit Warren

The Bush ranch to The Not Okay Corral

Blair House to Belly of the Beast B&B

The Everglades to The Everchads

The Green Zone to The Joe Lieberman Playground

The Democratic National Committee (DNC) to Dither Another Day Away (DADA)

Washington D.C. to Washington CSBIB (Can’t See Beyond Its Beltline)

Camp David to Camp Casey

That’ll do for starters. See comments for additions, please and thank you.

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