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June 20, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

By now, all y’all probably know that Michael Bloomberg (pictured here with Clint Eastwood) is a very wealthy man who also is the Republican mayor of New York City. Well, he was Republican until yesterday, when he officially gave the Republican Party the boot. All of which is fueling speculation that Bloomberg plans to launch a bid for the U.S. presidency as an independent. Yes, the same Michael Bloomberg who was a lifelong Democrat until his 2001 run for mayor.

Oh frabjous day! How schadenfreudy to see someone stick it to George and his posse. To see the Republicans humiliated in the national media, such as it is. This is a very big deal, calloo callay.

Duh-oh. Did I just sense the ghost of Ralph Nader passing by? Click here to find out!

Yeah. I think I did. Which makes my spine go all creepy-crawly. Which sets me to wondering about the impact of a bona fide player entering the presidential race as an independent. Which causes me to say that I’m thinking it would be humongous.

Do you think the Democratic Party has noticed? Do you suppose this might be a wake-up call to that moribund organization? Because if they don’t get their individual and collective acts together pronto, our worst fears are going to be realized. Think divided vote allowing another Republican to slither into the White House. Just sayin'.

So how bad is this situation? Well, for one thing, Joe Lieberman has applauded Bloomberg’s decision. Now I’m not saying Bloomberg is thrilled to have Lieberman’s approval. Remember that thing about the curse of the Klopman diamond? Turns out Mr. Klopman comes with it. But the pols and pundits are falling all over themselves, trying to frame this development brilliantly. Full disclosure: You won’t find brilliance in this post.

Like Ross Perot before him, Michael Bloomberg has enough money to finance a presidential run out of petty cash. Bear in mind, however, as the New York Times reminds us, that Perot didn’t garner a single electoral vote. But there’s a big difference between Perot and Bloomberg. Besides big bucks, Bloomberg has a base (nice alliteration!). He has presence. And he has the Governator at his back, for whatever that’s worth.

I’m trying to imagine the chaotic rush today to curry favor with Bloomberg, from right, left, center. He’s going to need traffic control wherever he goes for the foreseeable future. Think Steve Martin’s movie, The Jerk, wherein his character’s recently acquired vast wealth brings huge queues of people to his house daily. They pitch their pseudo-tragic tales in an attempt to guilt him into giving them money – preferably lots of it.

So now we have two and possibly three presidential candidates from New York. Hmmm. Whatever happened to prairie populism?

I’m not sure where this Bloomberg thing is going. He and Al Gore are the two most conspicuous non-candidates. I’m thinking that the possible candidacy of Bloomberg is not making Gore or any of the other players happy. Which in my mind suggests that it might behoove the Dems to lure Bloomberg back into the fold. But not to wither and die there like pretty much everything else lately.

I’ll leave it to the big kids to figure all of this out. But could I just say to the movers and shakers in the Democratic Party: MOVE IT AND SHAKE IT, DAMMIT! There’s trouble looming in Valhalla.

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Poet (not verified) | June 21, 2007 - 8:09pm

When it comes to politics truly the dog days of August have arrived about 6 weeks early! Ross Perot showed that it takes more than billions and savy business experience to be a credible candidate.


Anonymous (not verified) | June 22, 2007 - 7:10am

Ross Perot showed that it takes more than billions and savy business experience to be a credible candidate

Maybe,, but it did allow Mr Clinton to be elected.