Paris Goes Home; Jail Too Hard

June 07, 2007 by susan
Paris Hilton, caricature

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Two things bugging me today. Minor. No heavy lifting.

One, I know we don't really pay attention to Britney, Paris et al, but it's hard not to when "news" about them lurks around so many aisles of our daily lives. So I know that Paris had "health issues" and was released to home confinement, and must wear an electronic monitor for the duration or her sentence of roughly 40 days. Privacy rules forbid any info being disclosed about what her health problems are, but, but the word is that she wasn't eating any of the prison food. Awww. Gimme a break. If Martha Stewart could stomach the food, surely little lapdog Paris could force down some scraps. Does anyone wonder why people of color and the poor don't trust the justice system? Coming soon, the pardon of Scooter. Click here for part 2: The cursed captcha/comments snafu.

Second, and it's all about us. We, the C-Line, are losing some of our favorite commenters -- along with our already wandering minds -- due to the ongoing SNAFU with the captcha math problem. We upgraded a while back to a better spam blocker, and apparently that has something to do with it. So yeah, you get told that 3+1=4 is the wrong answer, and a new, equally challenging problem appears and you must answer that one correctly, then it goes through. It's the same for us and we're pestering Stephen and Molly, (tech folks) about it, but they have a brand new baby and apparently he's cuter than we are. Please skip the "preview" feature, answer the damn second captcha challenge, and that should put you through. And we'll keep trying to get it fixed. Thanks.

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