Raindrops keep falling on our shed

June 03, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

It’s a misty morning in Lake Wobegon. A just-right rain for early Sunday.

Sometimes a day like this is necessary, I think. It helps shrink the world to manageable size for a short while. Right now, I’m looking more closely at the greening bushes in the yard than at George Bush. Paying more attention to rain-washed peonies than to Turd Blossom. Far more focused on a cuppa joe than on Lieberman. Yes, sometimes a rainy day also nurtures overblown metaphors. That is the way of things. There’s a little bit more.

So the rain continues to fall gently. Can’t hang anything out on the literal clothesline today (yes, I do have one and I use it when the neighbor pit bulls aren’t roaming around in their yard, off leash, separated from me and my clothesline by an electronic fence that they don’t always honor). Too wet for planting. The birds don’t mind the rain, though. The avian chorus is starting up in earnest now. Today, it's cardinals, chickadees, finches, sparrows, wrens and the occasional pesky grackle.

I think I’ll take a day off from the world. Water the indoor plants so they don’t feel slighted. Cook up porridge that we brought back from Ireland. Read some more of The Golden Compass. And thank creation that I can enjoy a day like this.

Tomorrow, I’ll kick ass.

Meanwhile, how're things in Little Walden, Perhansa, on this rainy day? How are the rest of you doing, rain or no rain?

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perhansa (not verified) | June 3, 2007 - 6:30pm

The prairie is staring to bloom. Lots of wild lupine, spiderwort, coreopsis, wild indigo, prairie phlox, harebell, and the grasses are going gangbusters. This is one of the best times of the year for the prairie, the grasses are only about 18 inches tall and the the purple of the spioderwort, blue lupine, white indigo and yellow coreopsis are beautiful smattered across the fields. Two of the little grandchildren were here much of the day so mom and dad could get away for a couple hours. Hvaen't thought about the state of the union at all. I read a great article on Al Gore in last week's Time magazine and I ordered Assault on Resaon to pick up tomorrow. Reading a cgreat book by Phillip Kitcher, Living with Darwin. Spent some time in the studio painting the last couple days which I haven't done for about six weeks. It was a good weekend. Hope that's true for the rest of the C-line regulars.