Do Not Pass Go

June 02, 2007 by susan

It's a slow day at the C-Line, so let's bump Paul Miller's comment, and those that follow, up to a post. It may be a sign of the times that we're reduced to playing futile games while the ship sinks. But it's a mindlessly pleasant distraction.

Paul wrote:
Here is a new game to play:
You have 50 years of criminal sentences to dispense, how would you like to spend your political capital? Here's my breakout:
I'm going to give Rove 15
Bush and Cheney 10 each
Rumsfeld 6 years, 6 months and 6 days
Rice 5 years
Wolfie 2 yrs 359 days
John Bolton 1 year

You might want to save something depending on how the US attorney scandal plays out. Also, Libby's sentence does not cut in to your 50 year account. Your turn for more.

Perhansa wrote:
I'd round up the whole lot of "loyal Bushies," put 'em in Bush-style flight deck suits and exile them to Sadr City and see how many are left after a year.

And then Babs pulled off the royal flush:

Five years for Cheney. He's the uber-evilmeister, but he won't live more than five years in prison. Less if prison justice takes its course. So why waste a lot of sentencing years on him?
I love Paul's 6 years 6 months 6 hours sentence. That's for Rove. Solitary confinement. Bright lights at all times so there are no shadows where he can lurk.
7 years 7 months 7 hours for George W. Bush. Cut the marionette strings. He'll just lie there in his cell, not knowing what to do. Why more time than Cheney and Rove? Because however dim his bulb may be, W's is the face everyone associates with more than six years of growing despair and bloodshed and domestic chaos.
10 years for Barbara Bush. No pearls allowed. She spawned 'im, she raised 'im; she's complicit in extremis.
Two years for Gonzo. He may not be able to remember bein
sentenced, however.
Two years for Wolfie because he's creepy.
One year for Colin Powell because he had the opportunity to set things right at the get-go and didn’t.
Five years for Ann Coulter, because she’s a wicked wench with a cast-iron soul. She will share a tiny cell with John Bolton.
Two years for Joe Lieberman because he’s a disgusting little pissant.
The balance can be parceled out to the appropriate Supreme Court justices who gave us President Bush the Younger.

Let's not forget Judy Miller, and Ahmed Chalabi -- who already has time for bank fraud in Jordan hanging over his oily head.
Bottom line, so many creeps, so little time.

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Bun (not verified) | June 2, 2007 - 10:01pm

I'd use all 50 years on one jail cell and put the whole crew of them together. They deserve each other, after all.


susan | June 3, 2007 - 5:01pm

For some reason, I keep coming back to stocks. The wooden kind, with holes for hands and head, not the paper kind, with payouts for Bush and Cheney. Now, I do not support torture, and am shocked, shocked, that you might take from this that I do. But I do support restorative justice, and it seems to me that this crew needs to publicly apologize to us and the rest of the world for all the damage they've done.
So I'm picturing something along the lines of a whistle stop tour, a sort of circus train or bus convoy, hauling our crew around the country. Instead of speeches at every stop, they come out and apologize. And at least some of them sit in stocks for a while and perhaps get pelted with rotten tomatoes.
Once back on the busses they may move freely around the cabin, but at meal time they are strapped into feeding chairs and force-fed via tubes down their noses, as the hunger strikers at Gitmo are. They're also never told what they're charged with, or how long they'll be -- on tour. Remember, this nation does not support torture.

Okay, this is a little deranged and I apologize. It's yet another symptom of Chronic Bush Fatigue.(CBF)