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May 16, 2007 by susan
Gen. Wes Clark, in civies

Fun's over, back to the grind.
VoteVets is making some of the best anti-Iraq war ads out there, and airing them at strategic times, like after the GOP "debate" last night on Fox news.
Here's one of them, featuring veteran Mike Breen and Gen. Wes Clark. Thirty seconds, give it a look. Then donate if you can. Remember, George Bush listens to his commanders on the ground. He said so and I have no reason not to believe him. Hah hah ha ha ha ha . . .
ps. I've confessed to loving Molly Ivins, Bill Moyers and Paul Krugman. Did I mention Wes Clark?

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Poet (not verified) | May 17, 2007 - 1:37am

I have got to agree with you Susan on this one--I don't particularly respect or trust Wes Clark but he sure is preferrable to the looney tuines now running the show. Let us help keep this set of four commercials running from now through the first week in November 2008. What a great way for ordinary folks to show that we despise both Bushco and the bought and paid "front runners" among the Democrats.


susan | May 17, 2007 - 2:43pm

I went to New Hampshire to volunteer a weekend for Wes Clark, and wound up staying nearly three weeks. By luck I wound up staying in the hotel where his campaign was based, so got to see him in action at the start (early, he goes swimming every day at about 5 a.m.) and at the end of the day (late, he'd meet his wife Gert in the bar where she'd have one glass of wine and he'd sit with her and talk with us.) I can't say I got to know him, but what I did see of him was extraordinary. He was polite, soft-spoken, well-read, thoughtful, incredibly well informed, and in fact has so little appearance of ego that he tended to blur into the woodwork during debates and TV interviews. And that doesn't win elections. One-on-one and in live appearances he had much more moxy. I knew early on that he wasn't going to win the nomination, but I also knew he'd have made a swell president. There were two memorable moments, one when Michael Moore came to town for a rally and blew the roof off, and the other when George McGovern showed up for a pancake breakfast at a VFW hall. To me it was incredbly moving to have the old warrior embrace the young warrior, and get a standing ovation from a group of mostly older veterans. Clark and McGovern made the point that usually those who have been to war will do everything possible to avoid sending anyone else off to another war, where as those who haven't been -- well, you know.
Anyway, Wes Clark was one of the most decent, genuine people I've ever come across, and he gave me a little different feel for what a military person can be. We're lucky to have him speaking out.