Changing the Linens

May 02, 2007 by susan
The Laundry Girl

by susan -- and Perhansa

Inquiries have been arriving about who's who at the Clothesline these days. We're not sure we know the answer to that, but we're still the same old, yes, very, Susan and Barbara, aka Babs.
Lynnell, an inspired writer/friend, has so many irons in so many fires, plus teen-aged sons and a foreign exchange student still living at home, that finding time to post on the C-Line became more of a chore than she envisioned, and we reluctantly let her take down her laundry. We've invited her to guest post, whenever she can find the time.
Then there's Perhansa, who came to us after reading something of mine in the Star Trib. As his (yes, he's a he) comments became more frequent and, we thought, original and well-written, we asked him to guest post, especially when we're short-handed. And he hasn't let us down.
Readers, you asked for a bio, and here it is, from Perhansa hisself.

Per Hansa was the name of the main character in O.E. Rolvaag's novel of Norwegian pioneers who settled the great prairies, Giants In the Earth, an unsparing account of the spiritual and physical experience of immigrants who were forebearers of the Clothesline blogger by the same name.
Nathan Hilder (aka Perhansa) is an artist, co-founder and consultant for Project Management Solutions, Inc. a training firm specializing in leadership training and leadership coaching. He has had the amazing good fortune to conduct leadership training for various corporations across the US as well as in Paris, London, Madrid, Zurich, Mexico, Brazil and Australia and has yet to end up in any foreign jails.
Nathan resurrected his passion for art at the age of forty and studied at the University of Minnesota. His art has been represented by Circa Gallery in Minneapolis for the past nine years His various art collectors are in the US, Europe, and Norway.
When not living in a hotel or on an airline, Nathan is a Minnesota native with an obsessive interest in science, philosophy, and poetry. Now in his early fifties, Nathan and his wife Judith have adult children and grand children. In addition to partnering in their training business, they are avid naturalists who live on five acres of restored native prairie and wetland, eat low on the food chain, avoid pesticides and deodorants, hug trees and our mother earth, and hope the Buddhists are right about multiple lives and an unbroken chain of being.

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Poet (not verified) | May 3, 2007 - 3:21pm

Susan--is that a picture of you or Mrs. Perhansa accompanying the article? Do you (whoever "you" are) still really use a clothes line?


susan | May 3, 2007 - 10:07pm

Well truth is, no. That's a much younger laundress than I am. When I found that photo, it reminded me of my younger self. And that younger self did use a clothesline. And in the summer, I still sometimes do. That's as close as it's going to get. SL