Bush Fatigue

April 24, 2007 by susan
Bush Fatigue

With a coda on Queen Barbara

by susan
Well, Poppy Bush called it. The nation may be experiencing "Bush fatigue" he told CNN's Larry King, in an interview scheduled to run tonight. Otherwise, he says, Jeb would be the front-runner for the presidency in '08.
Oh. That sort of Bush fatigue, as in, "Let someone else have a turn," a sort of WASP-ish graciousness, a token gesture to rotate off for a cycle that an 8th grade teacher might impose on a popular class president.
Not the kind of Sisyphean Bush fatigue we're all experiencing as we drag our sad souls back up to the surface, day after day, for a gulp of hope which isn't there. Slog on.

Living under the leaden thumb of Bushco is like being the mole in a game of "whack a mole". Whenever we pop up to find a glimmer of light, they manage to whack us back down.
Take the Gonzales hearing. Short of blurting out that Karl made him do it, Alberto could not have done any worse. What did he do in those two weeks that he was said to be preparing for the hearing if not go over his notes and refresh his memory? And what happened to the furor over the missing emails on the RNC computers? What about all the subpoenas that were authorized? Where is all the skepticism and ire that we saw coming out of every Senator on the panel except Orrin Hatch? Even Arlen Spector, arch critic of Gonzales, now simply says that he won't call for his resignation, that it's up to the AG (Amnesiac Grande) and the president. And, whack whack, we know where they both stand. Is it any wonder Bush thinks we're doing well in Iraq when he also thinks Alberto did a great job? And don't forget Brownie. Heckuva job, all the way around.

I've got Bush fatigue all right. Call it Chronic Bush Fatigue, the kind that leaves you drained and barely able to lift your head to form words. Some people have asked why I haven't been writing op-eds lately and I point to Chronic Bush Fatigue.
When we are bombarded with images of death, in Blacksburg
yes, but day after day in Baghdad, and watch one more idiotic and imcompetent stab at "winning" the war, including such medieval concepts as building a wall, we get very tired. (Wasn't it the godfather of Conservatism, Ronald Reagan, who exhorted Gorbachev to tear down the Berlin wall?)

And when you read about the bombings that take place daily, maiming and killing hundreds and thousands of Iraqis, and sending our misled (in every sense of the word) soldiers home in body bags, and about the exodus of Iraqi refugees to any border they can find (but not the US of A, cause, um, they're like, um, scary?) and then listen to the astonishingly delusional Current Occupant, who boasted just the other day that history will judge him kindly because he did not try to be popular -- well, a sort of mute despair sets in, and writing about him anymore seems pointless and redundant. All you can do is count the days until he's gone, and even that thread of hope is frayed by knowing the scope of the damage he's done -- and that his supreme court justices will long be with us.

Yep, I'm tired of all things Bush, and you can toss the Royal Mother Barbara Bush into that mix as well.

Back in the glory days, relatively speaking, when Poppy was president, Barbara Bush had a sort of street cred with moderate Dems, especially women, for her "look." No dyed hair, quietly pro-choice, and, they all said, she spoke her mind. I always wondered about that, because if she was so pro-choice why didn't she speak her mind about it? Who kept her under wraps?
Sorry, I always figured that behind those horrible children there had to be a closeted monster. (Yes, I think they're horrible. We know George, but look up Doro, or Neil and Marvin, and do a little checking into Jeb's S&L past.)

We already knew how Barbara feels about her beautiful mind, and what a windfall it was for those Katrina victims to wind up living in the armory, but in the same Larry King interview, she sets us straight on how she feels about Mormons.

"You know we have a lot of Christian wild people too, and a lot of Jewish wild people and a lot of Muslim wild people. The Mormon religion takes care of its own, they don't have people on welfare."

Ahh, compassionate conservatism at its best.

Bush Fatigue overwhelms me. Anyone have a cure?

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barbara | April 24, 2007 - 2:52pm

Okay. I'm laughing. Sort of. First because I love the ghoulish caricature of Queen Barbara and her consort. Also because before I left this morning, I got about two paragraphs into a post for today.

This is its beginning:

I was just looking at Susan’s “Honor your mother” headline below. Which to mind Barbara Bush, she of the pearls and deliverer of Junior. More on that in a moment. There’s a boatload of stuff floating around about Pere Bush’s comment that perhaps the country is suffering from “Bush fatigue.” He was explaining away Jeb’s apparently firm decision to forego a presidential run in 2008. Bush fatigue? What a quaint way to describe a nation that is disgusted and sick to the point of puking at the very mention of BushCo. Okay. That was gross. But so are the Bushes. And the matriarch of the Bush family is a royal piece of work.

In the CNN piece about Bush fatigue, the interviewer asked if the same voters weary of Bushes might also be weary of Romney the Mormon. To which The Barbara replied, “Not at all….I mean it was in 1897 that bigamy was outlawed in that church. You know we have a lot of Christian wild people too, and a lot of Jewish wild people and a lot of Muslim wild people. The Mormon religion takes care of it's own, they don't have people on welfare.” Saints preserve us!

That's as far as I got with it.

Somewhere in this house, there is a photo of me with Barbara Bush, taken when George Pere was VP. The golden Reagan years. We were both younger then, of course, Big Babs and I. Thinner and less gray, too. I was supposed to like her because I worked for B. Dalton at its HQ, and Barbara was all about literacy in those days. Terribly funny, in retrospect, given the whole "My Pet Goat" deal and the son who doesn't read.

Frankly, I think Junior fell closer to Mom's tree than Dad's. Babs Bush has blue icewater in her veins, zero compassion and absolutely no tact whatsoever, pedigree be damned. Which proves, I suppose, that you can't buy class. And that Junior's mommy issues are probably more an issue than his self-imposed wanna-please-and-best-the-old-man pressure.

Susan is spot on about the enervating thing that is BushCo. So. Very. Tired. Morning, noon, night. Oh, and in case you hadn't picked up on this? I don't much like those people.


leftymn (not verified) | April 24, 2007 - 5:13pm

Barbara Bush, aka the Queen Mother, has not an ounce of empathy in her body, and it is quite obvious that it is her genes that inhabit her likewise amoral son.


paul Miller (not verified) | April 24, 2007 - 8:58pm

sort of like the Germans having Hitler fatigue


Poet (not verified) | April 25, 2007 - 7:08am


How did you doctor that picture to make madam look like she is sucking a lemon and poppy look like a refugee from and Addams Family reunion?

By the way for anyone who wonders (because while we all know that lightening rarely strikes twice it NEVER strikes three times in the same place) I have news for you about the Jebster. He is made out of the same rotten stuff as daddy and big brother.

Think of the difference between Sonny and Michael Corrleone in the Godfather movie and that's Jeb. A little smarter and better mannered but basically a thug in the mold of the rest of the clan.



for some particulars.


barbara aka babs (not verified) | April 25, 2007 - 8:06am

Whereas Barbara Bush has the compassion of an tree stump, Laura Bush (on the today show) told Anne Curry this concerning George's War: the American people need to know that "no one is suffering more than their President and I do." Laura, Laura, I feel your pain. Now we have the First Sufferer and Sufferagette.


leftymn (not verified) | April 25, 2007 - 8:30am

Commander in Grief? (although he hasnt made to any of the over 3000 funerals...)


susan | April 25, 2007 - 9:02am

You know, I can see that suffering etched all over their wise, open faces. Something in the eyes, perhaps, deep pools of compassion and grief. It's said that those who think too much suffer the most, and we know . . . never mind. 635 days, 13 hours, 59 minutes.


Anonymous (not verified) | June 24, 2009 - 3:06pm

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