Weekend Mixed Load Part II: Don't sort it alone!!

March 24, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

' Things that make your blood curdle department:

The BBC reports that the British troops captured by Iranians are being held in Tehran.

The 15 Royal Navy personnel seized at gunpoint in the Gulf by Iran are reportedly being questioned in Tehran. There's more, there's more!

Iranian armed forces spokesman Gen Ali Reza Afshar told Iranian radio the crew were being interrogated and had admitted being in Iranian waters.

He also said they were in "sterling health" and there had been no problems.

The British government says the eight sailors and seven marines were in Iraqi waters. It has demanded their immediate release.

' Daily Kos reports Executive Branch Secedes from the Union

When Tony Snow made the rounds of talk shows this week, some might have been surprised at his message.

Snow to CNN: "There's another principle, which is Congress doesn't have the legislative -- I mean oversight authority over the White House."

Snow to NBC: "Congress doesn't have any legitimate oversight and responsibilities to the White House."

Snow to NBC: "First, the White House is under no compulsion to do anything. The legislative branch doesn't have oversight."

Snow to ABC: "The executive branch is under no compulsion to testify to Congress, because Congress in fact doesn't have oversight ability."

Just in case you missed it the first time, Snow repeated himself to make sure the public gets the message: the White House has declared itself, a law unto itself, beholding to no other authority. This goes quite a bit beyond the already massive expansions of "executive privilege" previously claimed by this administration.

' If the plot gets any thicker, even constant stirring won't help. According to The Los Angeles Times:

On Nov. 17, Deputy White House Counsel William Kelley e-mailed his colleagues in the administration, alerting them about the Justice Department idea of jettisoning a group of U.S. attorneys and seeking their views on the "political fallout" from such a move.

He noted that by statute prosecutors serve for a four-year term, and "are commonly (but not always) extended by inaction '" in practice, they serve until replaced."

He added, "They serve at the pleasure of the president, but often have very strong home-state political juice, including with their senators.

"Before executing this plan, we wanted to give your offices a heads up and seek input on changes that might reduce the profile or political fallout."

Later that day, Tasia Scolinos, the chief Justice spokeswoman, e-mailed Catherine J. Martin, a top White House aide, trying to downplay the significance of the terminations. She also expressed hope the fired prosecutors would leave without making a fuss.

"It's only six US attorneys (there are 94)," she wrote. "And I think most of them will resign quietly '" they don't get anything out of making it public ' in terms of future job prospects. I don't see it as being a national story '" especially if it phases in over a few months."

On Nov. 21, Scolinos sent Martin a list of six of the prosecutors that were going to be fired; not included were Kevin Ryan of San Francisco and H.E. "Bud" Cummins III, who had already been told he was being replaced.

"The one common link here is that three of them are along the southern border," she said, "so you could make the connection that DOJ is unhappy with the immigration prosecution numbers in those districts."


' In the "Stand by Your Man" department, MSNBC reports that Junior is still high on Gonzales. Or something.

Dan Bartlett, counselor to the president, said Saturday that (George) Bush continues to support Gonzales despite the latest disclosures (Justice Department documents that show Alberto Gonzales was more involved in the decisions to fire U.S. attorneys than he previously indicated).

' And finally, if you're missing news of the weird, count on Faux News to fill in that information gap:

SAO PAULO, Brazil '" A Brazilian housewife was convicted and sentenced to 19 years in prison Friday for killing her husband, chopping his body into small pieces and frying it.

Rosanita Nery dos Santos, 52, drugged her husband in his sleep, then stabbed him to death two years ago in Salvador, about 900 miles northeast of Sao Paulo, said police spokesman Idmar Bonfim.
She then hacked Jose Raimundo Soares dos Santos' body into more than 100 pieces, which she boiled and fried before hiding in plastic bags beneath a staircase in her house, Bonfim said. He said police discovered the body parts after receiving an anonymous phone call.

Bonfim said the killing was either part of a black magic ritual or an attempt by the wife to collect life insurance worth about $34,000.

And you thought you were having a bad day.

There you have it. For now, anyway.

UPDATE: Remember Marjorie Congdon Hagen? Think Glensheen mansion in Duluth. The Strib tells us she's in trouble. Again. Oh. My. Dog.

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MLS, are you out there? Would you please send me an email at the Clothesline? We get a boatload of spam, and I was just going through the filtered-out junk and much to my horror, found your email address mixed in among them. Wondered why I haven't heard from you for a while. Maybe you haven't written, but if you have, I haven't received anything. Gah!! Technology strikes again. TX. Barbara