Weekend: Mixed load

March 24, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

Courtesy of Bob Geiger, a ditty tailor-made for the Clothesline's take on Bush World:

The Eagles: Dirty Laundry

We can do the innuendo,
We can dance and sing,
When it's said and done we haven't told you a thing,
We all know that crap is king,
Give us dirty laundry.

Oh, there's more.

' UPDATE: WaPo has a piece about a Pew Research Center analysis of the political landscape. Here's a snippet, but it's an article and study worth examining:

The analysis of 20 years of polling data by the Pew Research Center for People and the Press says that half of the public identifies as a Democrat or leans that way. Just 35 percent align with the Republican Party. In 2002, the country was split, 43 percent affiliating with the Republicans and the same percentage with the Democrats. (snip)

The Pew study does not hold the final word in this debate, but it makes clear that the 2006 results were not just the result of momentary displeasure with the GOP among the electorate.

' Americablog takes us to an Associated Press story that reveals our man Gonzales is up to his keister in the U.S. attorney firings. I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you.

' Bob Geiger features Bernie Sanders (I-VT) on the not-so-very-booming U.S. economy.

' The suspicious death of the coach of the Pakistani national cricket team has taken center stage away from ANS. I assume Faux News is all a-twitter over this juicy morsel.

' We've got the brave and gracious Elizabeth Edwards (wife of Dem presidential candidate John) fighting for her life with recurring and incurable cancer. How could we not send hopeful thoughts and prayers into the cosmos on her behalf. Then we have the immensely ungracious Tony Snow (George Bush's mouthpiece), a cancer survivor who is going under the knife Monday for a growth in his stomach. Tony, hopeful prayers for you as well.

' We have an upcoming Town Hall meeting in MN. Congressman John Kline has finally bowed to pressure to meet with his constituents for the first time in his seven (I think) years in Congress. One would not wish to peak too early with the mixing-it-up-with-the-peasants thing.

We have just learned from no less than Kline's chief of staff that Kline does not trust the nonpartisan League of Women Voters to moderate the event. He does not trust the constituents who petitioned for the meeting. He will therefore screen all questions and determine which ones he will answer.

It appears that Congressman Kline will continue his unbroken record of failure to interact with his district apart from by-invitation-only events. Wherever did he get an idea like that, I wonder.

And so it is that for the seventh consecutive year, I (among others) have no representative in Congress. The man who is parked in that seat is scared of progressives.

' There may be enough for another load later. Stand by.

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