The Gonzales Eight

March 14, 2007 by susan

by susan

Oh snap! Gonzales is doing his bug on a pin routine so effectively that for a minute I started to feel sorry for him. Poor little man, all alone in the middle of that gaudy casino carpet, saying he didn't get to where he got by quitting -- so he'll let others do the quitting for him. How very -- Bushian of him.

He takes full responsibility for the "mistakes" that someone (like his Chief of Staff, like Harriet Meirs) made in the way the Gonazles Eight were fired -- but he'll be sticking around to keep doing a job for (on) the American people. More!

It's the all-too-familiar Bushy two-step. Actually, there are two steps to their two-step.

Step one is complete denial, cover-up and lies -- something they probably call Operation Truth, but I'll call BS. The response to Abu Ghraib, for instance, was pure BS. No one on high knew anything about it -- surely not Rummy -- so it was just a few miscreants at play, not a US policy. Gen. Janis Karpinski took the fall as did the sadistic lovebirds Graner and Englund, who are now doing time, while Rummy -- who had ultimate responsibility for this most sickening and destructive chapter in American history, for the whole frickin' novel of the Iraq war in fact -- enjoys spring skiing on the powdery slopes of Aspen. He should be in the slammer with Graner and Englund, where we could let them work their magic.

Step two of the Bushy two-step hasn't lightened up on the BS, it's just added a new dimension to it -- a paper-thin pretense of responsibility.

Sometime around the approach of the midterm elections, as the notion of Democrats with subpoenas began to sink in, so did the idea of adopting Harry Truman to be Dubya's spiritual mentor. So the "manly" admissions of mistakes began, a feint meant to distract, with absolutely no changes in policy -- unless you count the Surge, compounding your mistakes by going in deeper. Or without consequences -- unless you're the toady tossed off the bus.

Well, Patrick Leahy, chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, was steamin' on various news shows, and he's going to drag in the whole sorry lot of them -- Gonzales, fired aide Kyle Sampson and former White House Counsel Harriet Miers to testify. Leahy said he hadn't decided whether to call presidential adviser Karl Rove, who is said to have relayed complaints about some prosecutors to Miers and possibly to Gonzales. "We will have hearings and there will be subpoenas, and people will be under oath.'' Hee-haw.

What a difference that 51-49 Democratic majority makes. Can you imagine what any of this would be like if the Republics were still in charge? Well, yeah, as a matter of fact, it would all be swept under that gharish Gonzales carpet. Think WMD, Abu Ghraib, Katrina, Halliburton . . .

This is better. So stay healthy and safe you Dems. Eat well, avoid small planes, and watch your back. You're not perfect, but you're all we've got.

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Barbara replies (not verified) | March 14, 2007 - 9:04am

Ah, the news today via NY Times indicates that the fickle finger of blame is now pointed at Harriet Miers, the sycophantic Bush-clinger who also served as White House counsel until recently.

Must be getting darned crowded under that bus. Move over, Libby. Incoming!


Perhansa (not verified) | March 14, 2007 - 1:34pm

Are the Dems getting a spine? I thought I saw a hint of one from Patrick Leahy yesterday when he declared (more politically correctly) that he intended to haul some asses up to capitol hill to explain the JD firing fiasco if he had to get subpoenas to do it. Maybe they are finally feeling emboldened to do their job. Now if we could find some moral backbone across the aisle we might survive the last two years of Bush. 51-49 is a very slim margin with a lot of room for error. But the time has come to put up or shut up. Strike while the iron is...never mind. We've heard enough platitudes, time for some attitude. Ditto with the war spending. Let's see some spine and some teeth. Cheney's demand for more money "without strings" needs a swift "hell no"! Not another penny without a plan for withdrawl, clear measurable benchmarks, and clear measurable consequences if the benchmarks aren't met. Nothing less. They've had a half a trillion dollars already without strings and we can clearly see what that got us. The too bad part is the Congress seemed most upset not by the politicization of justice but by the fact they were lied to...good gawd, did they just realize this administration hasn't been forthright with them???


Swallow (not verified) | March 14, 2007 - 4:16pm

Sorry to rain on your Parade ,but the Dems are not one wit better than the repubs. Only difference is the dems don't have the White house and if they did, not one bloody thing would change. Sad thing is it's time to say goodbye to your boys and girls overseas, the ball is in play and the dems won't stop the game. Certainly they knew they were being lied to as they did half the lying . Again the only difference is theirs were lies of omission, same pile different horse .

As I said before it’s time to say goodbye to the troops even when they come home, as they are already technically dead. They will come home they will get sick and they will die, not only that their Wives and Children will get sick and die because of what Shrub is doing. Then what will the dems say OMG we didn’t know that Shrub was waging a nuclear war! Of course they knew and did nothing to stop it. I think the dems after the next election are going to have to jack up taxes by Oh lets say 300% to pay for all of the new V.A.H’s that they are going to have to build in order to house the sick and the dying.

What excuse will they give then? We didn’t know, well Damn right they knew they just didn’t stop it (same Crime)

If you and others ask how and why I make these statements . Well it’s my field of study I’m a Biologist who after retirement got drafted back to work by my conscience, I now work with the Teratogenicity of radioactive isotopes on living organism, and the results are not good . There is no way to cure it , no way to turn it off. All we can do is make predictions of what the final toll will be.

My Government is also at fault and that is a sad thing.


susan | March 14, 2007 - 5:31pm

" . . . the Dems are not one wit better than the repubs. Only difference is the dems don't have the White house and if they did, not one bloody thing would change."

Hello?? Swallow? Been in Canada too long? Do you see what the power of the subpoena is already doing? Do you remember when Bill Clinton was in office? Okay, his admin was imperfect, as any government is, but to say there is no difference is malarkey.

For starters, very first thing Dubya did in office was take away US funding for UNFPA, the UN org providing pre-natal and maternal health care to milliions of women world wide, a sop to the anti-choice religious right. That makes a difference to the woman dying in childbirth, leaving behind 6 children with no mother.

Think of the protections the Clinton admin put on federal lands to prevent logging, caps on coal stack emissions and drilling, Kyoto accords, on and on, all undone by the Bushies. That makes a difference to the planet.
Think of peace efforts in the mideast under Clinton vs. six years of sitting by -- or worse -- under Bush. I can guarantee you that Clinton, or Gore, would not have responded to 9-11 by waging war on Iraq. That makes a difference -- to the hundreds of thousands of needlessly dead Iraqis, and the thousands of dead and maimed soldiers.
Think of no-bid contracts to Halliburton, KBR, Blackwater, IAP, and out sourcing of government jobs at FEMA and Walter Reed. That makes a difference to those who lost jobs, or limbs, or half their brains.
Think of how America was regarded in the world under Bill Clinton and in the days after 9-11, and how we're regarded now. That makes a difference to the every dang one of us.
The list could go on and on. I agree that Dems can be infuriating, spineless, motivated by greed and not always by altruism, but you cannot be serious when you say that having George Bush out of the White House, replaced by any of the Dems in play, won't make a difference. It may be too late, but that's another story.


LeftyNYC (not verified) | March 14, 2007 - 4:40pm

Wasn't Harriet Miers Mr. Bush's nomination for Supreme Court Justice? And silly us, we thought the only problem with her was her lack of heft in juridprudence. About her also, it appears, mistakes were made.
But after "mistakes were made" my favorite line of the day is
"all this should be done in 'good faith' of course," (referring to the plan to delay 2 Democratic senators choices for Arkansas prosecutor.)
Quotes most definitely needed around "good faith", as in "so-called" or "not really, har har" or "just kidding" or "get my drift here?"

But it kind of sums up the Bush administration , doesn't it? Because it's been a long time if ever, that I've seen a real, unquote marked good faith effort from that crowd.


susan | March 14, 2007 - 5:07pm

Yes! I circled that in this a.m.'s paper too. It precisely sums up the Bushian attitude, that wink-wink about "good faith" . And the double whammy of them being so sanctimonious about faith -- doling out dollars to faith-based orgs, Dubya being a person of faith and so on. Well, we knew all along that they were a bunch of cynics and phonies, and this is a nice confirmation. In fact, you can just put quotes around everything they say, the "wink-wink" kind of quotes, and you won't be far off the mark.