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March 13, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

The White House has announced a new policy with respect to its high level appointments and also to vetting candidates for elected office at the national level. The policy, called "Do Ask and Do Answer" (DADA), will be enforced during all future screening processes. In addition, radar will warn screeners if the supplicant has an unhealthy level of decency.

At issue is the emergence under the watchful eye of this administration (WEOTA) of two particularly troubling groups: Military Personnel Who Are Not Homophobic (MIPWHANTH) and Legislators with Integrity (LEWIs). According to White House spokesman Tony Sleet, it is expected that individuals such as the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff will advance the agenda of the neocon/theocon "folks" without question. Read on!

"To do otherwise is to give comfort to al Qaeda and spit on the American flag," Sleet said. He cited the current Joint Chiefs Chief (JCC), General Peter Pace, as an exceptional example of the Right Stuff. "Pace took the high road when he went to bat for the 'don't ask, don't tell' policy that bleeding heart liberals and homos dislike," said Sleet. He says it was sheer luck that the administration snagged Pace before DADA went into effect. "Likely it was divine intervention," Sleet said.

Pace walks and talks the party line. "I believe that homosexual acts between individuals are immoral and that we should not condone immoral acts," he said in his strongest and most self-assured Jerry Falwell pulpit voice. Thus there is no mistaking where the JCC stands on the matter.

He was, however, undercut by a member of the LEWIs, in the form of Senator John Warner. The Virginia Republican has stated publicly that he believes Pace's view of homosexuality as "immoral" is wrong.

Lord all Friday, how did a ranking Republican get so cheeky? The next thing you know, Warner will be saying that the Iraq War is a disaster. It is to be hoped that the new DADA policy will surface latent human compassion tendencies in prospective candidates to prevent future incidents like the Warner outburst.

God bless America.

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Swallow (not verified) | March 13, 2007 - 8:59pm

Oh My GOD Barb Homosexuals in the Military!!!! Please say it ain't so! The next thing we will hear is that there are crooks and scoundrals in Washington and that will just never do! No no no no nooo *shakes head sadly* Always did wonder why they handed out so many condoms, it was the only thing that they gave away for free except ones life.

As always,