Will Scooter Squeal?

March 07, 2007 by susan

White House circles wagons, but do Dems have a plan?

by susan
In comments on the post below, Barb wonders what the pressure from the White House to keep Scooter from squealing must be like. Well, if the federal prosecuter who was removed from his job in Arkansas to make room for Karl Rove's buddy was told to keep quiet or suffer the consequences, we can only imagine. What I wonder is if any on our side are bringing similar pressure on him to talk. Is there a Father confessor sort who goes to Scooter and shows him the way to absolution, a Jiminy Cricket type, say John Dean? Read on.

You can picture the bully boys in the White House having their stradgy all figured out. (At the expense of a few other less thought-out stradgies.) "If the verdict is X, we'll do Y, if it's Y, we'll do Z," right down to sending out that meek little deputy press secretary Dana Perino and not the redoubtable Tony Snow, so the press wouldn't lean as hard on her. She's also easier to dismiss if she gets it wrong -- she was nervous, she misspoke.

So Bush had his soup and is sorry for Scooter, and Phlebitis Dick is too -- end of story. After all, this is all ridiculous, there wasn't even a crime. (Other than perjury and obstruction of justice.) And that "no crime" bit carried precious little weight when Whitewater turned up nothing more than a lie about a blow job. Lying about blowing an agent's cover vs. a blow job? Nevermind, let's get a stradgy about the timing of Scooter's pardon.

Do Dems think this way? I admire them for thinking that maybe their job is to govern and make the world better and safer for the greatest number of people (and if you're not laughing you're not paying attention) but it feels sort of like they're the collective class nerd, the kid in Jr. High who's being bombarded with spit balls but just keeps going because his mind is elsewhere. Although this is the biblically recommended course of action, nowadays the nerd's mind is on revenge and he gets the assault weapon and -- never mind. I'm not recommending that.

Still, just wondering if, other than Harry Reid saying "Don't even think about a pardon", the Dems have a plan, let's say, code name Jiminy Cricket. It involves someone of impeccable moral stature (hmmm, limited pool ) whispering in Scooter's ear about the right thing to do. "You go to prison in shame or you get a pardon, cloaked in shame, or you do the right thing for your nation and you're a hero."

Well, don't count on it. I don't think Scooter's going to do time, anymore than he's going to do the right thing.
Besides, there are those who will think he's a hero for keeping silent. Remember Oliver North?

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Babs (not verified) | March 7, 2007 - 1:07pm

There's another interesting wrinkle in the Libby suit (^_^). Apparently Libby's wife was verklempt and then furious after the verdict was rendered. Some in the blogosphere are suggesting that one reason to get the pardon thing done is to cut her off at the knees if she is going to be Scooter's Jiminy Cricket, screaming rather than whispering (it is reported), "We're gonna (expletive) 'em!" Well, now, what exactly do you mean by (expletive)? Go get 'em, crickets.