It's Obama Time

February 10, 2007 by susan

by susan
Yessss! He's in. He's presumptious, he's audacious, he's presidential.
As a feminist, I support Hillary. As an aging Boomer, I support Hillary. As an unabashed fan of Bill Clinton, I support Hillary. As a play-fair-it's-her-turn kind of person, I support Hillary.
But as an American who grieves for what has become of my country, I support Barack Obama.
By quirks of fate, his time has arrived and Hillary's has passed. I can see that cabinet post just waiting for her, Health and Human Services perhaps? Read on.

Ironically, it's her vaunted political acumen and expediency that helped make her moment pass. Had she and her cronies had the political courage -- the audacity -- to vote against invading Iraq, as Paul Wellstone did, we wouldn't be mired in that tragic hell-hole now, and it's unlikely there'd even be an Obama candidacy in 2008.

I vowed in 2000 that I'd run as a delegate to the 2008 Democratic convention, so I could cast an historical vote for America's first woman president. It breaks my heart that I no longer want to do that.
That said, the political expedience we see in Hillary that is so repugnant would probably serve her well as president. I've been around long enough to have seen that the purist, the principled, the non-compromiser (if he or she can even get elected) isn't necessarily the most effective leader or legislator. And if she pulls through the primaries as the clear winner, I will, of course, support her.

But right now America looks to me like one of those rusty old freighter ships, run aground and oozing oil, while the crew of jackals and hyenas who drove it onto the rocks makes off with its cargo. And I think the rest of the world sees us that way too, a pathetic ship of fools, partying, shopping and obsessing on the likes of AnnaNicole, vaguely aware of the swath of destruction we're creating, but lacking the imagination or will or discipline to do a damn thing about it.

But even those of us who are accutely aware of the disaster have pretty much been stymied at trying to stop it. Even though the turnaround in 2006 gave us some relief, the last six years have been the most frustrating and deeply depressing years of our lives.

Make that more than six. The bad years really began with the arrival of the neo-cons, out to destroy the Clintons, the left, and shrink the government until it can be drowned in the bath tub, as Grover Norquist so charmingly put it. And it hit its zenith with the fatal blow job, which distracted the fools on the ship from all else, fanned the flames of Clinton hatred, and gave rise to the moralist blather of the Christian right. And somehow it made those of us who fashioned our dreams out of the rhetoric of Jack Kennedy, and cut our social justice teeth on the courage of Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr., look like we stood for nothing much more than free-sex and sleaze. It was as if everything our anti-war, back-to- the-earth generation stood for was boiled down to Bill Clinton's various appetites. And of course we all know how upstanding the marriages and sex lives of so many of those who tarred him turned out to be.

So now Hillary pays the price for Bill's disgression, what else is new, but also for her own (mis)calculated and constantly shaded views on Iraq. And although I think Hillary would do a good job restoring our Bush-tainted reputation in the world, I think Obama and his family would do it even better.

I'm not writing her out, (John Edwards either, for that matter) but for now I'm all about Obama.

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Anonymous (not verified) | February 10, 2007 - 3:21pm

Too much, too soon for Obama. He'll be a good VP for someone else tho (please god don't let it be hillary).


susan | February 10, 2007 - 5:05pm

So who? The Current Occupant came into power after 6 years of sort of being a governor. (I know, look how that turned out, but puhleez) Obama did seven years in the Illinois Lege -- granted, not much to crow about, and two years in the Senate, still not much, but he gets bonus points for being so smart and articulate. Convential wisdom says sitting around in the senate another 8 years never did any body with presidential aspirations any good. And how many VP's have gone on to win the presidency? Nixon and who else? Truman, LBJ and Ford, but only by fate or failure of the #1 guy. I can't think of any others. Oh, Bush 41 I guess. But the losses of Mondale and Gore stand out.
I like Richardson, but I don't think he can win. Edwards? Maybe. Anyone still pining for Gore? I read today that he could win an Academy award in March and the Nobel in October, and still have time to get into the race!
I'm curious, really. If you think it's too soon for Obama and don't like Hillary, who are you backing? That is, who are you backing who can win? Or do you prefer to remain -- anonymous?


Babs (not verified) | February 10, 2007 - 10:09pm

Boy, howdy, I don't know. It's nice to have the youthful vigor of Obama. I'm still not convinced he's the right person for the job right now. I think every election we say some variation of this, but it's a very different time from most others in that the Republicans have rendered our country FUBAR'd. Pathetic situation when Putin rags on the U.S. and I find myself agreeing with some of what he says. Frankly, I think it's going to require nothing less than Harry Potter to undo the damage. Mere mortals may not be equal to the task. I remain convinced Gore may be the person for the job. Gore and Obama would be an unbeatable combo, I think. But then, I thought John Edwards would mitigate against the ramrodness of John Kerry and we all know how that came out. I agree with Susan that Hillary's time has come and gone, if indeed it ever came at all. I have never been able to get more than ambivalent about her, feminism, agism, Clintonism notwithstanding. Now if I can do the math, I'll post this.


Anonymous (not verified) | February 23, 2007 - 12:12pm

For years Hillary has stayed faithful to our family and to the things that are important to us. She is brilliant and has earned our trust. She has also earned our loyalty.