Take That, Cokie and Tom!

February 06, 2007 by susan

Older sister slams Susan.

I commented on a recent post by Lynnell that I didn't think Tom Friedman was the enemy, or at least not as much as the lethal creeps who came up with this war scheme. And I opined that the exchange between a blogger named Brenden and Friedman was, sniff, childish. Well, Paul Miller took me to task, and I lamely defended myself, but now my older, smarter sister from NYC weighs in and sets me straight. Thanks, I needed it. (Read on.)

Tom Friedman, I dunno. He really pisses me off. He simply should've known better. And he was free to say what he wanted, as a journalist, not a politician. I remember his seeming to enjoy being "fair" to Bush and his war. Pontificating about how it all really could work. How could anyone have thought that Bush knew at all what he was doing? Now that everyone, Republicans even, are bashing the war, he (TF) jumps to and articulates why we shouldn't have gone to war etc. etc. And yes, he's very articulate. And yes he apologizes. But unlike Hillary and the others who need to be re-elected, (no excuses, but it's different) he doesn't have to answer, politically, for his mistakes.
Well better late than never, I guess. It's that acquiescent mainstream media which got us this asshole president to begin with, and every time I picture Cokie's little pussy face saying after the first Bush/Gore debate, "well, clearly George Bush did what he had to do tonight, and that is, he looked presidential."
Whaaat? Is that debate archived somewhere? Where the little inexperienced chimp looked just like a little inexperienced chimp? And could we find Cokie's comments too? I'd love to see if I remember this correctly, and love to shove it up Cokie's ass.Tom's too. Fuck 'em.

So I, um, stand corrected, with apologies to all.

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Leftymn (not verified) | February 6, 2007 - 5:00pm

Friedman is the pontificator of all pontificators, Cokie is well past her prime... a pox on all pundits.


Older sister (not verified) | February 6, 2007 - 9:02pm

Not sure Tom Friedman is to blame for GWB's election, in the way that the whole mainstream media (Cokie, Stephanopois, Donaldson, etc) is.
But it's sickening these days to hear him chuckle, cutely remorseful, that his wife "won't let me forget how mistaken I was, " American and Iraqi citizens die by the thousands - cute little mistake.