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February 03, 2007 by susan

by susan lenfestey
My friend, doc film maker Michael Anderson, sent me this short view of Teheran by Lucas Grey.
I think many Americans have a tendency to picture all those in the mideast living in remote barren villages or urban slums, crushed by brutal war lords and mullah-driven militias, or out in the streets spewing rageful slogans towards, ohmigosh, us.
I have no truck with religious fanatics of any stripe and the subjugation of women and other "miscreants" under the ayatollahs is sickening. But lest we forget, Teheran is a beautiful city full of -- surprise! Normal people.
Well, a bomb's a bomb, and I suppose it doesn't care if it's pulverizing people in a beautiful old city or in the craggy mountains of Afghanistan or the tiny villages of Darfur.
But . . . (read on)

. . . as we've seen far too often, Americans have a little more trouble swallowing the concept of bombing people who live in modern cities like ours, who look like us, have children like us, and even go skiing and, gasp, shopping like us.
Is it possible to look at these photos with anything but a heavy heart, knowing that our DC death machine has these people in their sights?
I, for one, am out of ideas of how to stop them. Like all of us, I've emailed, phoned, clicked on petitions, registered voters and voted. Surely someone out there has an ingenious idea, a national strike or some massive action that will grind this war machine to a halt. And if so, let's hear it and get on it.
But for now I'm sending around these photos to remind us that the "enemy" looks an awful lot like you and me, and that the real enemy is much closer to home.

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mls (not verified) | February 4, 2007 - 6:12pm

Thank you for sharing the photos of Teheran. The photos are
beautiful, the people are beautiful and the music equally beautiful. In turn, I have forwarded this slideshow to friends and family who, in turn, I hope will do the same and more.
We need to ride a "Peace Train" (from every corner of the country) taking us to the door step of our Nation's Capital. So far, we peace makers have not accomplished our mission even though someone else proclaimed his Mission Accomplished nearly 4 years ago. Are
we ready to MoveOn and chug down those tracks?


cmc (not verified) | February 4, 2007 - 10:21pm

The photos and music are moving. Thank you for sharing these. How I wish people had seen photos like this of Baghdad in February 2003. Perhaps many more would have been in the streets with us then. Would it have made a difference? I, too, am sending this on to friends and family. We cannot afford to be silent.


susan | February 4, 2007 - 10:58pm

Yes, please do send them on. But whatever are we going to do? Is it enough to take to the streets? How many millions did that before the invasion, world wide (remember those photos?) and it made no difference to our "leaders." Maybe it's just remaining constant in our insistence that this cannot go on. Maybe that is what's slowly turning the tide our way. Sort of.
Here's a thought. Remember after the invasion there was an internet photo project that had pics of all of us holding signs saying, "we're sorry"? and it went out round the world? What if we renew that, and target the mideast via everyone who has contacts and family and friends there, and send photos of ourselves, our children and grandchildren, our pets, cities, gardens, synagogues, churches and mosques, holding small signs saying that we do not want war and do not support our so-called leader. I wonder how you launch something like that.
Meanwhile, thanks for writing, please send the photos of Tehran to everyone. SL