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January 27, 2007 by barbara

by barbara

(Is Norm Coleman for or against escalation in Iraq? Do not check your calendar--check your watch.)

David Swanson posted an interesting piece today, entitled "Don't Let Dick Cheney Get Me!!" Read the whole thing. Here are some excerpts.

This country has learned to be afraid' of Dick Cheney. The number one reason a significant minority of Americans still hesitates to get behind impeachment of Bush is fear of Dick Cheney. This will remain the case even should Cheney die, I am convinced. Certainly it remains the case no matter how many times I explain the following six reasons why it's INSANE, but I'm going to try one more time.

1.-If you impeach and remove a president from office, that president's successor will probably lose the next election, assuming he or she runs, and that president's party will probably lose big in the next election. [ . . . ] Cheney is a walking advertisement for Democrats. More Americans believe in UFOs than believe Cheney is a decent human being. [ . . . ]

2.-If Congress holds serious hearings and investigations into either Bush or Cheney, it will inevitably drag before the public evidence that incriminates both of them. It is utterly impossible that Congress will investigate, impeach, and remove from office Bush or Cheney, and leave the other still standing. Both will be facing criminal and civil prosecutions. And if one is impeached, both will be. If one is removed from office, both will be. But it will never come to that, for reasons that follow.

3.- . . . If Senate conviction is actually reached for both Bush and Cheney, it will not be reached in the same instant for both of them. Were such a bizarre occurrence to become possible, Cheney would resign before it occurred. The only way in which Nancy Pelosi can become President is for her to get herself elected, or for Bush and Cheney to simultaneously die. [ . . . ]

4.- . . . Whoever is in that office after Bush is removed will be keenly aware that he or she might be next. Cheney would of course then retire, and the Republicans would lose the next election badly, allowing someone to become president the way they are supposed to: by getting elected. [ . . . ]

5.-Impeachment is not a way to pick a president . . . . Impeachment is a tool for removing a criminal president from office, thus establishing limitations on power for subsequent presidents. If we do not impeach Bush, we will have established that it is acceptable for presidents to lie us into wars, to spy without warrants, to detain without charge, to torture, to murder, to reverse laws with signing statements, to hide the operations of our government, to exact retribution against whistleblowers, to rig elections, to ignore hurricanes, etc. For similar reasons, we must impeach Cheney too. [ . . . ]

6.-It is not politically dangerous to impeach. It is politically dangerous not to impeach when the case is clear. [ . . . ]

RE number 5 above: The greatest danger (among myriad dangers) of failing to impeach is the attendant message that the Bush/Cheney modus operandi is acceptable. It's not.

George Bush should have been grounded when he was a teen. Didn't happen. Needs to happen now.

And Cheney? Rasputin reincarnated (see photo above). Snarly and dangerous always, particularly when cornered. And as the Libby trial progresses, that corner is getting smaller.

How now, Congress? How now?

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soo lenfestey (not verified) | January 28, 2007 - 1:25am

Whoo hoo, you go girl. I'm down here in my home town of Chicago, the hometown I left over 40 years ago, but still where family is based. Came to see a beloved older brother in law, recovering after nasty surgery, and a beloved niece, soon to have a baby. Both ends of the life spectrum, I guess. Diverts the mind from the so-called leadership du jour, at least momentarily. Back soon. Keep the linen flapping.