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January 24, 2007 by susan

by susan
(click on photo for full pucker factor)
Bring her home!
As Barbara pointed out in her comment on my last post, not everyone knows Michele Bachman, newly elected Congresswoman from the northern outlying suburbs arching across the top of Minneapolis/St. Paul. In Barb's words, "she is a relentless homophobe, women's rights-o-phobe, warmonger and over-the-top fashionista." She started her rise in politics by pushing her local school district to teach "intelligent design." You get the picture. Well, even if you don't, see above.
You have to wonder about a state that just elected an ardent anti-war Muslim, a rural school teacher and (anti-war) National Guard veteran, and an evangelical wing-nut who says she ran for Congress because her husband and the Lord told her to. We are uber proud of the first two; you can guess how we feel about the third.

So here she is, re-enacting a sort of Monica-on-the-rope line moment. Alas, she's a voting member of the House, not an intern, and she's voted against every bill the Democrats have put forth to date. BTW, Rove, Cheney and Bush all came to Minnesota to campaign for her. The Bush event alone raised around $500,000. That's worth a smooch I guess.
My Bush countdown clock shows 726 days and 44 minutes left in the Bush reign of fatal incompetence and deceit. I am now officially making it theBush/Bachman countdown clock -- and then I'm going to throw it out the window to make time fly. Oh man, where'd that come from? That's the first joke I ever learned: "Why'd the moron throw the clock out the window? He wanted to see time fly." It was funny when I was four. Sorry. It's late.

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Babs (not verified) | January 25, 2007 - 10:09am

Took me a while to figure out what's missing in the Bachmann bussing Bush photo. Beret! (Nice alliteration, Barbara!)


Lynnellmickelsen (not verified) | January 27, 2007 - 6:03pm

Oh man, it is SUCH a rope-line Monica-in-the-beret moment. Thanks! I hadn't even thought of it.


Anonymous (not verified) | January 30, 2007 - 10:27am

Seeing that long white-sleeved arm reach out and not let go of Bush, I turned to my husband and asked, "who IS that whore?" I had no idea. Now I know. Thanks.