What hath George wrought?

January 17, 2007 by barbara

Posted today on Juan Cole's Informed Comment. Read the whole post and follow the links if you can bear it.

Reuters reports that the death toll from the bombings at Mustansiriya University on Tuesday rose to 70, with 180 wounded. A lot of them were 17 and 18 year-old girls. I report these attacks every day, and have seen some violence in my time, but this one is tough. You think about 70 families in black, their little girl's or little boy's pieces laid quickly to rest. And the wounded. How many disfigured or left incapacitated for life by a raging fireball enveloped by black smoke?
McClatchy's reporting was hard to read: 'One man searched for his son and finally found his head and torso but no legs. "Where is his other half?" he asked and then shook with violent sobs.'

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