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December 13, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

Crikey! Lynnell said out loud (see below) what's been floating around in the back of my frazzled brain for quite a while. Actually, ever since Obama was in MN for the Humphrey Dinner. Everyone was all a'twitter about him, and I felt like a mega-harrumpher for being underwhelmed. I thought there must be something seriously wrong with me. Now I'm not so sure. Read on

But the fact that Obama seems to be attracting a following doesn't surprise me. Substance or no, he reflects the celebrity-obsessed nature of this country. Think Arnold and Jesse and George Clooney. And how did George Bush get elected in the first place (apart from a little help from the Supreme Court)? By being cutesy and winky and aw-shucksy. He had no substance whatsoever, but roughly half of the people who voted bought the hype.

You already know that my personal pick is Al Gore. He is far and away the smartest, savviest, best-qualified un-candidate on the horizon. This country desperately needs a strong, capable leader more than any other time in memory. Even so, when I speak Gore's name, in spite of his apparent transformation since 2000, eyes roll and the chorus of "borrrrring" begins. Doesn't have pizzazz, dontcha know?! Doesn't sizzle.

Here's the deal. Obama is young and green. He needs to ripen a bit before he goes for the Big One. He has lots of time. Let's see how he evolves over the next four to eight years.

Meanwhile, in 2008, we need the most seasoned president possible. Someone who can literally hit the ground running. Someone who is "presidential," whatever that means. Someone who can garner respect and begin to restore honor to the U.S. and to the presidency.

Let there be hope and let there be lots of it.

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