Rummy Redux

November 08, 2006 by susan

Doing a bit of self-pleasuring here, so to speak, watching the wheels fall off the Decider in Chief's war-wagon. With post-election rigor mortis upon me, I'm glued to CNN.

I just watched a rattled and testy Bush-man act as if this is no big shake-up, that he'd been considering the ouster of Rummy for a while now, even though he assured several reporters last week that Rummy would be with us until the end of his term. It's said that even Peter Pace, Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staffs, didn't learn of Rummy's departure until 10 a.m. today.

The Baker-Hamilton report, expected to be out --when politically convenient, most likely will call for a change at the top, and that meant adios Rumster. So best to leave the party before the host tells you it's time to go. And what a party it's been.

The new man is the ex-chief spook of the CIA, Robert Gates. Not much known about him, far as I can tell, but this: Bushie has confidence in him. Heckuva job, Gatesy.

CNN is also talking to American troops in Baghdad, and they are said to be stunned. Let's see, about that Kerry joke that so offended our brave troops . . . how about firing their boss for boosting their morale? Who wants to be the last man to die for a fired Secretary of Defense?

Speaking of jokes, is Bush always this lame? And people raked Kerry over the coals for his lousy delivery?

Well, the prairie breeze blows sweet today. CNN and AP have both called the race in Montana for Jon Testor. At this moment, the Dems in the Senate hold more seats than the Repubs, 50-49. C'mon you porn-writin' woman hatin' Jim Webb, bring it home!

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Jimmy (not verified) | November 8, 2006 - 3:23pm

Can't blame Rummy for wanting to get out of town rather than spend two years up on Capitol Hill answering for all the unknowns and unknowns unknowns without knowing a golldarn thing. Perhaps if the Senate stayed Republican he'd have kept him around, but with both Houses it would have been a nighmare for Rummy. Hell, the guy has houses in Chicago, DC, Taos and Santa Fe. Why do you need houses in New Mexico 45 minutes away from each other? With Rummy gone, the new guy can say over and over, it wasn't me who decided that. It certainly puts more pressure back onto Bush.


Max Lenfestey (not verified) | November 8, 2006 - 4:00pm

Perhaps Bush was right when he said Rummy would be with him 'til the end of his term? With a Dem house and Senate GWB reighn and decider in chief may be short lived. Either way, GWB's term as he knew it ended today. Hurrah!


mls (not verified) | November 8, 2006 - 5:30pm

What more can I say but, WOW, WHOOPEE, thank you to "We the People of America". Our voices have been heard.