Tempus fugit

November 07, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

So. I'm home for the duration. I voted. I can prove it. A tiny round sticker on my T-shirt covered sternum says, "I voted."

I filled in circles with a pen in one of the silly little side-by-side, ticky-tacky, semi-partitioned "voting booths." No touch screens. Nothing glitzy. Just fed my hand-marked ballot to a machine, which sucked it into its interior.

Oh for the days when we used to click little levers by the names of our chosen candidates. Click, click, click click click. Loud, they were, those levers. And when you were darn good and ready, you cranked the Mother of All Levers all the way from one side of the booth to the other, which made a huge clang as the curtains parted behind you, revealing your butt to the world.

Today's noiseless vote was not satisfying in the least.

This waiting is almost unbearable. In a little less than three hours, Minnesota's polling places will close their doors. Tick . . . tock, tick . . . tock.

Heard a few stories about doors closing inappropriately in people's faces. Some St. Thomas and Macalester College students were illegally denied the right to vote over an ID issue. A quirky Minnesota law prevented a home-bound man with disabilities to vote absentee. Voter suppression is being investigated in George Allen country. New Jersey's Tom Kean (R) is accusing Menendez of vandalizing his office. A Kentucky poll worker is being charged with trying to choke a voter.

The good news (I think) is that they're experiencing a huge turnout in Connecticut (maybe as much as 70% of registered voters). Record numbers in Pennsylvania, too. Big races. Indiana, where the polls usually close at the unbelievable hour of 6:00, is being forced to keep polls open longer due to (guess what?) voting machine problems.

Tick . . . tock.

Early (sketchy) exit polls indicate that voters are concerned about corruption and terrorism (they do go together, don't they?), and most voters are saying they're voting on national issues rather than local, which bodes well for Dems. Maybe. It's like the Bible. You can make a case for almost any point of view if you search and spin hard enough. It all comes down to who(m) you believe, I guess.

Okay. Mac and cheese for dinner. That's not very satisfying either. And then tonight I will break my 14-year estrangement with my television set for as long as I can stand it.

I'll get back to you, by and bye.

Tick tock. (Oh, stop that!)

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