A Place Called Gozo

October 20, 2006 by susan

by susan lenfestey
Yesterday I lamented the misogyny that pervades the world, demeaning women and girls and leaving thousands of them raped, battered or dead. I ran a gruesome photo with the post and no one's reading it.

So, lighten up, right? Okay. How about this. The Catholic priest who allegedly abused Mark Foley -- alcoholic, victim and recovering Republican -- now lives on the Maltese Island of Gozo. For some reason, that just sounds so right.

Rev. Anthony Mercieca says that as a 30-year-old priest he took saunas with Foley, then 13, massaged him in the nude, went skinny dipping with him and took him on overnight trips. Oh, and there was that one night in a drug-induced stupor when he "maybe did something he (Foley) didn't like." But it was all just brotherly love, nothing sexual about it, and the bozo of Gozo can't figure out why MAF54 would see it any other way.

Once, or most likely more than that, I ticked off an Evangelical goofball by saying that Bush, who claims to err on the side of life, actually chooses death every time. She wrote to me that Bush was at least a moral man and that Bill Clinton had taught the youngsters of America that it was okay to have oral sex. she lived across the street from a school yard, and ever since Bill tangled with Monica she'd seen little girls giving blow jobs to little boys all day long.

I told her I was going to write about all the things that George Bush has taught the children of America, but that's for another time.

Not to make light of the long saga of predatory priests, the cover-ups and the devastating effects on the victims (a study of five decades of clergy sex abuse claims found that most victims have been adolescent boys) but there's just something so -- "allegro", or merry, as Fr. Mercieca says little Mark Foley used to be, about a place called Gozo.

And on a day when the stock market hit a record high and American deaths in Iraq this month are on track to do the same, (is this a great country or what?) that was about as allegro as I could get.

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