Our boys of summer are simply amazing!

October 01, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

They did it. They really did it!

Against all odds (and with a fair amount of help from the Kansas City Royals), the Minnesota Twins clinched the AL Central division title today.

On this last day of the regular season, Minnesota topped Chicago, and everyone at the Dome held their breath until the Royals rallied to defeat Detroit.

Oh. My. Dog.

As noted earlier, I'm not a diehard fan. No. Wait. I wasn't a diehard fan. But this team is so compelling, how could you not be a fan! What a fantastic season! Get it? Get it?

It gets better. Catcher Joe Mauer captured the batting average title today. Apparently he didn't get word that catchers can't do that.

I'm whipped. Baseball takes a lot of energy!

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