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September 21, 2006 by barbara

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We have a guest post today by Minnesota activist Michael McIntee. But first, a little scene-setting.

John Kline. Remember that name. Beginning in January, we'll refer to him as the military guy who used to be a congressman in Minnesota's second congressional district. Yes, it was necessary to redistrict out here in order for that to happen. But as we have learned, there is almost no limit to what Republicans will do when they are cornered and until they are caught at it.

When things begin to look dicey for Republican incumbents like Kline, they set aside all pretense of Minnesota nice. Their campaign "literature" becomes vicious character assassination (this is a recurring and predictable theme) and some of their staff lose their marbles.

Take a look at Michael's post:

Dark underbelly of Kline Kampaign Exposed
by Michael McIntee

(Retired) FBI agent Coleen Rowley's race against Republican Congressman John Kline has picked up new steam thanks to some very strange incidents.

This weekend, Kline's District Director was caught on video tape screaming a racial slur at cars arriving for a Rowley campaign event (that featured John Murtha).

A followup story by the Star Tribune on the Director's weak apology revealed that Kline's Congressional staff monitors what constituents post on various political blogs and then files that information under the constituent's name.  Sort of an electronic Nixon-era "enemies list".

There's more weirdness after the jump.

(Congressman Jim) Ramstad's spokesperson Lance Olsen labeled such a practice "improper and inappropriate"

Minnesota's ACLU Executive Director Charles Samuelson was even more blunt saying "It is disturbing that a Representative of the people is either so disrespectful of his constituents or paranoid of his constituents that his staff would stoop to this."

Kline has issued four expensive, glossy negative ads, three of them focusing on one of Rowley's campaign volunteers.  Rowley had to remind Kline that he was running against her and not her unpaid staff.  The fourth ad twists an interview I recorded of Rowley and makes it appear she thinks no military person should hold office.  When in fact she was talking only about Kline's tendency to just take orders from President Bush.

Kline has refused to debate Rowley except on a right-wing radio show where host Jason Lewis did most of the debating, leaving Kline quietly sitting on the sideline.

Recent polls leaked to the blogs show Rowley has pulled to within three points of Kline, with a large number of people undecided.

So the question is, if this race is close and the Kline campaign is working hard to top itself with stupid campaign stunts, why is Rowley not getting any national support?

It's a winnable race . . . .

Barbara says: Welcome to the last six weeks in this election cycle. Arrrr. (I learned that on Tuesday's "Talk Like a Pirate Day.") We really need your help here with some very tight (but winnable) races. Check out the web sites of Tim Walz vs. Congressman Gil "Bush's Boy" Gutknecht and Coleen Rowley vs. Congressman John "Nixon Wannabe" Kline. While you're at it, check out Rowley's sing-along campaign video. Michael McIntee is the creative genius behind that ditty.

Here's a link to Tim Walz's new ad. Once you arrive at the Big Question page, click on "Tim Walz has a new TV spot."

You know what? We (all Democrats, nationwide) need Walz and Rowley to win these congressional seats back from the Republicans.

Help 'em out if you can, please and thank you.

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