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September 09, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

I have tried to ignore the brouhaha around the ABC docuspin, "Path to 911." Can't do that any longer.

For background, read Tim Rutten's piece in the LA Times.

This is a call to storm the Bastille, aka ABC and Disney. But we need to act right now. Every one of us.

The first installment of the ABC/Disney history-rewriting flick is due to air tomorrow night (Sunday), concluding on Monday, 9/11. (sigh)

Here are specifics about what people can do (with a big assist from activists in Minnesota's second congressional district):

1. It is time to boycott ABC. Turn off your television and remove ABC from your TIVO.

2. Let CBS (http://www.cbsnews.com/ scroll to bottom and click on "Contact Us") and NBC (haven't found a good link yet) know there is a strong grassroots movement in opposition to broadcast of this revisionist and deceptive film.

3. We should very publicly call for boycotts of ABC's primary sponsors (national and local). Nothing short of a broad-based response that affects their bottom line will get their attention.

4. One couple wrote to the head of Disney to say that they: (1) will not buy any further Disney or Disney-licensed products for their grandchildren; (2) they will not rent or buy a ticket for a Disney-produced or co-produced movie; (3) they will not take their grandchildren to a Disney facility; (4) they will review their mutual funds, and they will sell any that include Disney stock; (5) they will write letters to the editor and blogs about this situation (the airing of an intentionally misleading presentation about 9/11); and (6) they will ask family members and friends to boycott Disney.

5. Contact ABC to protest the movie: Audience Relations Department at netaudr@abc.com.

6. Contact local ABC affiliates. In the Twin Cities, that's good old KSTP (Stanley Hubbard and friends). 651-646-5555 programming@kstp.com

7. Contact PBS, NPR and MPR.

8. Contact newspaper columnists who are likely to go with a grassroots story.

9. NEW: Sign the Democratic Party's online petition.

If you have additional ideas and good/better/best links, post them as comments and I'll combine them in another post.

Here is the piece de resistance. George W. Bush is asking ABC for air time during the presentation of "Path to 911" to address the nation. That is an absolutely appalling and blatant misuse and politicization of an American tragedy that is being exploited by Republicans. They are sitting back, sucking on their big cigars, celebrating their coup. Think Cheney, Rove, Limbaugh, and the Big B.

It is time for the peasants to take back this country, paving the way for our incoming congressional reps.

Cut and paste this post and send it to everyone you can think of '" even people you do not know. Political people. Bloggers. Family and friends. Neighbors. Work colleagues (where possible). Newspapers. CBS and NBC. Radio stations. Other ideas? Post those, too.

Vive les tats-Unis!!

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mls (not verified) | September 9, 2006 - 8:14pm

What? Film a documentary solely on fact. Not ABC, not Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney. ABC's and Eisner's ideas are to tweak the truth a little bit here and a little bit there. After all, entertainment thrown in with politics, well... let's follow the $$$. Oh my gosh, along comes GWB (supported by his cunning staff) half way through the 2nd evening of this manipulative performance. Hmmm, talk about timing.
Quien esta en cama con quien?

Your ideas are great Barbara.


barb (not verified) | September 9, 2006 - 9:20pm

Timing is everything, I guess. Coincidental, of course. Surely we are not so cynical as to believe that . . . . oh, wait, we are that cynical. Keep following the $$$. Word has it that the piece will run without commercials. Hmmmmm. Wonder who's picking up the tab? The shadow knows . . .


TooLooze (not verified) | September 11, 2006 - 9:06pm


I have to disagree with you on a couple of points. Although it is not beneath the president to politicize 9/11, the airing of this "crockumentary" goes beyond the politicians. It can be seen as an indictment of what remains of the "news" media. If you know about "the path to 9/11", and I know about it, so does NBC. So does CNN and so does USA Today. And where are the headlines and lead stories? What will we do when Helen Thomas retires?

They don't air "Air America" in my market, but of course I can tune into Rush. I'm not a conspiracy theorist, so maybe its just coincidence that Olberman is on opposite "Daily Show" and "Colbert Report". And isn't it pathetic that comedy shows cover the news better than CNN.....

For my part, I did e-mail the local ABC affiliate (in Orlando) illustrating the discrepancies between the show and the 9/11 Report. The response I received demonstrated that the local affiliate had not seen or even heard of the show.


BJ (not verified) | September 13, 2006 - 10:49am

Hadn't seen or heard of the show? Crikey! Is your local affiliate living in Tora Bora? You raise an interesting point about the other networks' failure to spotlight the growing opposition to the docudebacle. Is it a collaborative effort or is the MSM afraid to unfoul its own dirty nest lest attention be turned to its monumental failures. They are, if not responsible, then at least complicit in the terrible state of affairs in which we find ourselves, nationally and globally. There! Take that, MSM! I fling the gauntlet into your tight little circle and call you out!!


mls (not verified) | September 9, 2006 - 10:42pm

Whoops, for the record Disney's CEO is Robert Iger.
After all, I should get my "facts" right. Right?