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August 31, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

I'm tired of watching my weight. Actually, watching it rise, pound by pound, in this season of abundant fresh fruits and veggies and cool mornings that invite brisk walks in the 'hood.

I'm tired of watching my weight. So I think I'm going to engage the CBS airbrush artist. The one who took 20 pounds off Katie Couric by . . . ummm . . . adjusting her photo. Voila! The weight thing is under control.

I cannot believe the amount of media hype about 320 ounces of body fat. Plus blog buzz. And here I am, sucked in to the babble.
I avert my eyes every time the story pops up lest I be tempted to read about this thing that dominates the press. But every story has a larger and still larger caption under Couric's before-and-after photo that spells out more details. So I've pretty much figured it out. I don't care. Do you?

I'm tired of John Mark Karr's twisted odyssey. Creepy little man doing and saying creepy things. Reminiscent in some ways of Ed Gein, the even creepier Wisconsin lampshade specialist. Karr has used up far more than his fifteen minutes by attaching himself to the murder of a six-year-old child whose parents exploited her in the most appalling fashion. I hope she loved her short life.

The Karr thing is far and away the most over-played piece of non-news to hit the media in recent memory. But then you already know that, unless you're living in a cave in Tora Bora, and even then, word gets around.

I'm tired of reading about Ernesto petering out, and the almost palpable disappointment of the press, who seemed to be rooting for catastrophe. Now they can only talk about the killer hurricane Ernesto might have been. And so they do. And it's still making the front pages.

I'm tired of Paris Hilton and Joe Lieberman. What more can be said about that?

Does the press shape or reflect our culture, I wonder? Are we really this shallow? Some days, it's hard to tell the difference between CNN news and the National Enquirer. More and more, the focus is on news of the weird or trotting out old stories, slick with mold. And not much of this would qualify as feel-good news.

Bloggers are taking a big hit in some circles for negative tone and hyper-critical analysis. It's true that some of our colleagues in the blogosphere are consistently over the top. We have a particularly vicious GOP blog in Minnesota that has gotten legs. I look at it sometimes to remind myself of how I do not want to be. Some days I teeter close to the edge.

There are some very smart, insightful folks in the blogosphere. If you're as tired of the MSM as I am, you could do worse than to cruise the blogosphere and bookmark the sites where blogger voices make sense to you.

I think I'll take a nap.

(P.S. Just when I become convinced that all may be hopeless, along comes something like Keith Olberman's MSNBC broadcast. It is must viewing and/or reading, please and thank you.)

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