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August 17, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

This just in via the Huffington Post: Britain's deputy prime minister, John Prescott, reportedly labeled the Bush administration "crap" and said that Bush is "just a cowboy with a Stetson on."

Prescott made the alleged comments in private to a group of Labour MPs (Members of Parliament) who had requested an audience to criticize British foreign policy on the heels of the Lebanon invasion by Israel. According to the UK's Independent newspaper*, they would be immensely happy to see Blair break ranks with Bush.

Meanwhile, Prescott has denied calling George Bush "crap" and a "cowboy." I guess he thinks that might create a spot of tension between Tony and the Chief (hail to the). Given Bush's capacity for alienating our allies, that would not bode well for the U.S. In fact, if the UK/US relationship were to unravel, the cheese would stand alone. Well, except for Israel, perhaps. But they're busy right now.

Prescott is a bit of a curmudgeon in the manner of Ted Kennedy. And Prescott has been a controversial figure all along the way. Among his more egregious acts, he reportedly told Al Gore at the Kyoto treaty negotiations that he was sorry Gore had lost the election to Bush. Oh, Mr. Prescott, our numbers are legion.

This gives me hope, this Prescott crap thing, denials notwithstanding. Apparently there are people in high places (for the time being, anyway) who are willing to speak out and ID the rogue elephant that is systematically destroying everything in its path. Prescott is going to be, ummmm, severely chastised for his unseemly candor. I think he's simply mahvelous, dahlings.

*Near as I can tell, the Independent is a cheeky newspaper that came into being 20 years ago to end-run Rupert Murdoch. You can check out its history at Wikipedia. Makes one long for a similar voice on our side of the pond.

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