"How I spent my summer vacation"

August 15, 2006 by barbara

Some days (and today is one of them), there is just too much to say. While we get our snarky mouths adjusted to the task, we present the accompanying photo for your consideration. You can see why it's a perfect fit for the Clothes Line. It'sTony Blair on vacation. And see what he's doing?

The UK's Daily Mail took aim at Blair yesterday for lolling on his yacht while the common folks suffered the delays and inconveniences wrought by the terror plot bust.

"Wearing loud floral swimming shorts, the Prime Minister unhurriedly pegged up a few garments, then pottered about in the sunshine while his wife hung out a few more. It was just another day in paradise, bobbing along on the waves in the Caribbean, untroubled by the chaos back in Britain."

Don't these people understand that Monday is wash day? But the greater issue is this: Who knew swimming shorts can talk?

You go, Tony!

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