Lamont and Lieberman, of course

August 09, 2006 by barbara

If you're not blogging today about Ned Lamont's stunning victory over Joe Lieberman, you are so yesterday. I was getting ready to write when I came across the following post on'"home of Jane Hamsher, Christy Hardin Smith and a hardy crew of nimble-fingered, savvy-brained bloggers. Why would I try to top that, says I to myself. Self says, "Wise woman." If you've already read this, ummmmm, read it again!

P.S. Fine, then. I'll stop being lazy and write my own stuff about the implications of the Lamont victory. People are all over the map on this, within and beyond liberal bastions. (You liberals got bastions? Why would you admit that publicly?)

It's been a long day.

By Christy Hardin Smith at

Joe and GeorgeJoe and GeorgeTake a look at this photo. There are two people in it '" both of whom are responsible for Joe Lieberman's loss yesterday in a number of ways. Joe Lieberman is going to have to come to his own terms with himself for his role in his own defeat.

But the Republican party is in a tizzy today to erase George Bush from this picture entirely. Why?

Because Republican candidates nationwide are looking at what happened to Joe Lieberman, and thinking about this photo and what it meant as the kiss of political death to Lieberman's candidacy in so many ways.

'and they are wondering if they will be next.


The fear this morning for GOP leadership has to be that the rank and file will choose saving their own political butts by distancing themselves from George Bush as fast as they possibly can and at every opportunity '" and with that, the power chair that Karl Rove holds so dear begins to lose the legs out from under it.

You hear that sound? Democracy is calling'

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