Inconvenient future

July 28, 2006 by barbara

by barbara

Saw Al Gore's flick last night.
Third time for me.
Mine is a dial-up brain.
Such foolish folk we are,
Denial-dipped and glib.
Science has got it right.
Earth has grown weary
of its human tenants.
Eviction notice
posted on the Arctic ice.
Damage deposits
will not be
Hopeless, is it, then?
Not yet, not yet.
But soon.

(to be continued . . .)

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Styopa (not verified) | July 28, 2006 - 9:15am

Congratulations on getting printed in the OpEd page of the paper. That's serious liberal street-cred right there.

Of course, the irony is thick with this one: a sneering elitist snob complaining about OTHER elitist snobs. You did notice that while venting your usual liberal spleen, you were sitting with your feet up at Mackinac yourself, right? So, people that go there and actually do something (like sailboat racing) are worthy of nothing but scorn, but wealthy Liberals carping from the sidelines with their cup of premium coffee in hand and wrapped in the righteous fury of self-justification are worthy of our attention? Et tu, barb.

Oh no, the lower classes have to fight wars while the wealthy elite sit at home? Surprise, that's something that has been going on since Assurbanipal and before; complaining about it isn't constructive, it's just more worthless bitching from the Left. Did you fume in frustration and anger at the exact same situation when Clinton sent troops into the Balkans? Somalia? I don't recall him drafting people of privilege to head on over there...

Empty-headed Liberal whining... "why can't we win elections anymore? Those nasty Republicans, they MUST be cheating somehow...I know I'm a nice person and I have nice thoughts, therefore they must be evil!"

Wish all you like for a Democrat in the White House. It amuses the rest of us when your frustration reaches levels of blank verse. As long as none of you bother to actually formulate a real-world policy that will win you any votes, keep on whining. Like college students who complain about 'economic justice' while living at home rent-free, there's a fundamental disconnect between what you WANT and reality, and you apparently can't even SEE it.

As long as none of you people ever bother to try to connect to reality, you're entertaining as hell but no threat to the presidency. THAT's the "inconvenient truth" indeed.


Barb (not verified) | July 28, 2006 - 11:31am

Turns out you've pointed your pistol at the wrong woman, bunky. I've been sitting on my duff in a Twin Cities theater, watching "Inconvenient Truth" and trying to make sense of who Americans have become. Susan is on vacation. And however hard she tries, her fine mind never comes close to tuning out the painful truth that our society is about to slide off the edge of our flat earth. She is the least classist person I know, in spite of accident of birth into a life of privilege. You're shooting blanks.


Styopa (not verified) | July 28, 2006 - 2:30pm

your point is apt - I wouldn't be wasting my time except for the nearly unique instance that at this moment I have ample time to waste. Today I'm at a midwestern US Boy Scout* camp, having volunteered my week to help change boys into responsible and positive men. While they're working on their merit badge homework, I had the rare opportunity to read the editorial page of the Strib and I admit that I was incensed. Fortunately happening to have my laptop in the car and a wireless connection now available here, I chose to respond.
* you know, that organization vilified by the Left for hewing to a standard of moral conduct somewhere short of Caligulan Rome?

So you ask a valid question: why was/am I so angered by what really is a meaningless stream-of-consciousness lefty blog? It takes some self-reflection to answer that, actually. There are a number of reasons.
First, I'm angered on behalf of MY president. You know, this is a democracy so majority rules (despite the constant efforts of certain elites to validate and empower every conceivable victim-class in order to assuage some sort of internalized guilt). Generally that means that one side loses. However, whenever the Democrats lose an election, we get a barrage of PERSONAL attacks. It's not enough to say "I disagree with George Bush", he's "stupid" or a "dunderhead" (despite an Ivy league education at LEAST equivalent to many of the sheepskins held by his geniocratic critics, being a very successful and admired governor, and winning a general election...I'm sure those were all just accidents, right?). Hint: out of all the postwar presidents, name those popularly held to be dim-witted....any Democrats there? I'm sure that's either sheer coincidence, or just because Republicans are generally stupid, right? I don't recall anyone calling Clinton stupid, merely immoral (which was pretty much validated, as it turned out...).
Secondly, and probably mainly, the histrionics tend to get to me. THE SKY IS FALLING. "After the religious wars and the oil wars - if there is an after ..." I see this as nothing more than a petulant egoism most people should have grown out of long ago. What makes you think that THIS time is all that special, aside from your own existence? For people to see the current events as cataclysmic merely makes me shake my head at the absolute lack of proportion. The action in Lebanon is utterly UNremarkable in the scale of (even) the recent history of the area. Iraq? The US has lost fewer casualties in 3 years than in a single afternoon in most American battles worth mentioning, and the US has suffered NOTHING in terms of war casualties (ever) compared to any other world power. Far, far more young men have died on the highways over that span of time than to IEDs in Baghdad. Have *some* sense of scale before you start hauling out the eschatological comparisons....
Our "free ride" is a "free fall"? Really? In what sense? Economy's up, Dow is up, job creation is growing - all during a war AND subsequent to the largest (in dollar terms) fiscal bubble in American history. If this is 'free fall', how do you define success? Sure, I disagree strongly with the president's spending priorities but I'm not running around scourging myself publicly about it, either. I'll exercise my vote at the ballot box AND LIVE WITH THE CONSEQUENCES WITHOUT WHINGING.
Further, the crocodile tears of sympathy for the 'poor soldiers' in the 115 degree heat of Iraq. Perhaps rather pitying them, you could give some credence to the idea that they know what they are doing, and why they are there. Is it coincidence that Army and Marine reenlistment rates are at RECORD highs?
Or, would most liberal papers simply paint them as "stupid" brainwashed red-staters ?

"Eventually the anesthesia of oblivion wears off and you find yourself feeling the pain, even as the crazed surgeons continue to slice up the world and there’s nothing you can do to stop them." I can't get past that particular line. This sounds like nothing more than the drama-queen ennui most commonly found in 14-year-old Goth girls who sit around discussing how terrible everything is and overusing the word 'miasma'. The world of 2006 is perhaps the safest, and best EVER FOUND IN HUMAN HISTORY. Measure lifespans. Measure the chance of a child born today dying of starvation, war, or disease against pretty much any other period in human record that I can think of. Much of that is directly due to American hegemony (theoretical exercise: imagine the postwar world if Stalin or Mao had been running the show), despite the Left's demonization of everything America has done or stood for in the last 200 years. Have we made mistakes? Sure. But to obsess over these mistakes is to complain about the lines on your free trip to Disneyland.
Ever have a friend who just got what (to you) is a really cool birthday present, and then they complained about not getting what they wanted? That's how Conservatives view Liberals today. We see that everything we have is pretty nice, not perfect, but damn good. (And as the AMERICAN credo of capitalism and humanism expands, it will get better for everyone...but not today, not tomorrow, not necessarily even this year. But eventually, yes, everyone will enjoy the benefits.)
But you guys only see the wrinkles in the wrapping paper and the fact that whatever-it-is is the wrong color.



Anonymous (not verified) | July 29, 2006 - 12:47pm

We fight for resources Stoypa. Everyone knows it and thus knows we all contribute to a corrupt system - all the flags, pomp and circumstance aside (amazing how one (or many) can deceive self so deeply). ~Anonymous

From Carolyn Baker:
Progressives have been hoodwinked again—this time for a cause dear to our
hears, but Catherine Austin Fitts asks the question no one else is asking:
Who IS Al Gore and why did a man who is so in bed with the corporations
that are creating global warming make a documentary like this one? Read
review here:

The Source of Hopelessness
A Review of Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth

by Catherine Austin Fitts
Solari, Inc.

© Copyright 2006, From The Wilderness Publications, All Rights
Reserved. May be reprinted, distributed or posted on an Internet web site
for non-profit purposes only.

July 24th 2006, 11:50 [PST] -

Last week I had dinner with a wonderful couple -- activists in the San
Francisco Bay Area-- and the woman told me how wonderful she thought Al
Gore's documentary An Inconvenient Truth was. She then asked for my
opinion. When I gave it, she said, "If that is true, then it's hopeless."
We then proceeded to have a rich conversation about why folks who used to
call themselves “liberal” or “progressive” are in the same trap asfolks
who use to call themselves “conservative “

In order to respond to the problem of global warming, it is necessary to
look at the ways that we as citizens support criminal activity by our
government and how we as consumers, depositors and investors support the
private banking, corporate and investment interests that run our government
in this manner. This is easier said than done. When we ‘get it’ –i.e.,
that we have to withdraw from a co-dependent relationship with organized
crime in order to save and rebuild our world – we can find ourselves
struggling to envision the system-wide actions that are needed and feeling
overwhelmed by the task of determining how to go about them personally and
in collaboration with others.

My nickname for our current economic system is
“The Tapeworm.” For
decades I have listened to Americans from all walks of life insist that we
must find solutions within the system – i.e. within the sociallyacceptable
boundaries laid down by the Tapeworm. Believing that our solutions for
addressing global warming lie within the system defined by the Tapeworm
goes hand in hand with obtaining our media from companies controlled by the
Tapeworm, and having to choose from among leaders anointed by the Tapeworm,
such as Al Gore. This belief is, in fact, the source of our hopelessness.

George Orwell once said that omission is the greatest form of lie. Gore's
omissions in An Inconvenient Truth are so extraordinary that it is hard to
know where to start.
Watching An Inconvenient Truth is more useful for understanding how
propaganda is made and used than for understanding the risks of global
warming (I am not qualified to judge the scientific evidence here -- I am
assuming that Gore's presentation on global warming is sound).

The fundamental lie that Al Gore is telling comes from defining our problem
as environmental -- in this case global warming, whereas our environmental
problems -- as real and important as they are -- are but a symptom of the
problem, not the problem. Gore defines our problem as "what." He is silent
on "who." For example, Gore does not ask or answer:
* Who is doing this?
* Who has been governing our planet this way and why?
* Cui bono? Who benefits?
* Who has suppressed alternative technologies resulting in our
dependency on fossil fuels? Why?
* Who has how much financial capital generated from this damage?
* How did things get this bad without our changing? How much was
related to fear of and dirty tricks of those in charge?
* How do we recapture resources that have been criminally drained and
use them to invest in restoring environmental balance?
Utah Phillips once said, "The earth is not dying. It is being killed, and
the people killing it have names and addresses." In one sentence, Utah
Phillips told us more about global warming than Al Gore has told us in a
lifetime of writing and speaking, let alone in An Inconvenient Truth.

Needless to say, Gore offers no names and addresses. Gore's "who"
discussion is limited to population. He seems to imply that the issue is
the growth in population combined with busy people being shortsighted,
leading to some giant incompetency "accident." That makes it easy to avoid
digging into the areas that would naturally follow from starting with "who"
– which should lead to dissecting the relationship between environmental
deterioration and the prevailing global investment model that is such a
critical part of the governance infrastructure and incentive systems.

Gore walks us through timelines showing the global warming of
temperatures. By defining the problem as simply environmental damage, and
shrinking the history down to temperatures, there is no need to correlate
environmental deterioration with the growth of the global financial system
and the resulting centralization of economic and political power. The
planet is being run by people who are intentionally killing it. Their power
is their ability to offer all of us ways of making money by helping them
kill it. Hence, understanding how the mechanics of the financial system and
the accumulation of financial capital relate to environmental destruction
is essential. If we integrate these deeper systems into an historical
timeline, authentic solutions will begin to emerge. But Gore omits the
deeper systems and the lessons of how we got here and in so doing closes
the door on transformation.

For example, there is no place on Gore’s time line that shows:
* the creation of the Federal Reserve:
* the movement of currencies away from the gold standard:
* the growth of non-accountable fiat currency systems:
* the growth of consumer, mortgage and government debt;
* the growth in the superior rights of corporations over people and
living things;
* the growth of "privatization" (which I call “piratization”);
* the subversive and sometimes violent suppression of renewable energy,
housing and transportation technologies and innovations;
* the growth of the offshore financial system and the use of that
system to launder and accumulate vast sums of pirated capital accumulated
through the onshore destruction of communities.

Understanding the fundamental imbalance of the corporate model -- where
enterprises have the rights of personhood, but not the finite existence of
people or the legal responsibilities and liabilities -- and the corporate
model's economic dependence on subsidy that drives up debt, economic
warfare and the destruction of all living things is a critical piece to
developing actions to reverse environmental damage. Al Gore is a man that
has made money for corporations his entire life. He is a member in good
standing of the Tapeworm and his current lifestyle and this documentary are
rich with the resources that corporations can provide.

There is also no personal accountability. Al Gore has not “come clean.”
There is no discussion of Gore's role in the Clinton Administration in
facilitating worldwide economic centralization and warfare, and with it
genocide and environmental destruction -- for example, there is no mention
of The Rape Of Russia or
the driving out of Washington of an investment model proposing to align
places with capital markets to create a win-win economic model that he
intimates is possible. For more, see my recently published case study on
Tapeworm Economics, and the competition between two economic visions during
the Clinton Administration, "Dillon, Read & the
Aristocracy of Prison Profits".

The documentary ends with a long list of things that we can do. Many of
these items are on my list. We all need to come clean in the process of
evolving towards sustainability. However, without a new investment model
and the governance changes that automatically follow, the result of An
Inconvenient Truth is to teach us to be good consumers of global oil and
consumer product corporations and banks and -- we are supposed to
intuitively understand -- vote for Al Gore or the candidates he endorses.
Gore draws us down a rabbit hole, which leaves us even more dependent on
the people and institutions that created and profited from the problem in
the first place. What that means is that the real solution will be
significant depopulation. The viewer is left to preserve a bit of the
shrinking American bubble to protect us from having to face the
depopulation solutions underway (See above links on “The Rape Of Russia”
and “Dillon , Read & The Aristocracy Of Prison Profits”.)

The way a tapeworm operates inside our bodies is to inject a chemical into
its host that makes it crave what is good for the tapeworm and bad for the
host. An Inconvenient Truth is an injection from the Tapeworm. Don’t see
it and crave a new round of what has not worked before. Things are not
hopeless. There is no need to waste time and money adoring and financing
the people who are killing the planet, or counting on the politicians who
protect them.

To get you started, let me recommend that you take the money and time that
you would spend watching An Inconvenient Truth and invest it in reading or
watching a few of many authentic leaders with useful maps and solutions
that are leading to serious ecosystem healing and transformation:

Mind Control, Mind Freedom
By Jon Rappoport

Escaping the Matrix: How We the People Can Change the World
By Richard Moore

America: From Freedom to Fascism
A documentary by Aaron Russo

What The Bleep Do We Know?
A documentary by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse and Mark Vicente

Messages from Water

The Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee
Bill Murphy, Chris Powell

Cynthia McKinney for Congress

Ron Paul for Congress

Can you imagine what these folks could do and what could happen if we all
invested 2 hours each and the price of a movie theatre ticket in their
work? Can you imagine what would happen if all the money donated to Al Gore
and candidates like him were invested in authentic leaders and our access
to them? I can – and the truth and beauty of that future fills my life and
work with hope.

Catherine Austin Fitts is President of Solari and may be contacted at


Soolen (not verified) | July 28, 2006 - 12:19pm

Styopa writes: "Of course, the irony is thick with this one: a sneering elitist snob complaining about OTHER elitist snobs. You did notice that while venting your usual liberal spleen, you were sitting with your feet up at Mackinac yourself, right? So, people that go there and actually do something (like sailboat racing) are worthy of nothing but scorn, but wealthy Liberals carping from the sidelines with their cup of premium coffee in hand and wrapped in the righteous fury of self-justification are worthy of our attention?"

First, you're right, but the irony was intended. As a guilty liberal, this is what I do best --feel guilty. Or, have enough self-awareness to know that I got a lot of lucky breaks in life that allowed me to be where I am, unlike those who are born on third and think they hit a home run. (Your friend the Decider, for one.) Liberals have enough empathy to feel for those who didn't get those breaks, and enough sense to worry about the huge and ever-widening gap between the privileged few and everyone else. So yes, as a privileged one sitting on my porch watching other privileged ones sitting on their boats, I was aware of the irony, and thought that I made that clear.
Second, sailboat racing as doing something?? Hmm, I know something of sailboat racing (the privilege thing) and well, let's just say that when you're a crew member on a 60 ft. boat, there's a whole lot of sitting and drinking of premium coffee, but you're right again, probably not much carping.
What always surprises me is how my writing inspires such venom from "you people." If I'm so "out of touch with reality" and "empty headed" why do you care in the least what we write here or the Strib publishes? Why do you read it? Why do you waste your beautiful mind and valuable time on a response? Why does it make you so angry? Is it because there is truth in our observations, inconvenient or otherwise, and that makes you squirm? Or that you have nothing better to do? Speaking of which . . .


MOha (not verified) | April 3, 2009 - 5:21pm

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