Rocky Mountain highjinks

July 15, 2006 by barbara

Gather round, everyone. This is too good to ignore. The source is Colorado Confidential.

A battle royal is going on in Colorado. Bill Ritter is the Dem candidate for governor (that's Bill in the photo), going up against "Both Way Bob" Beauprez (whose image apparently cannot be captured on film or in mirrors).

It seems that late last spring, our favorite feral shrew, Ann Coulter, was imported to Colorado to raise funds for Beauprez. No one came to the fundraiser! Review: Number of breathless Coulter groupies who showed up to open their fat wallets? None. Zero. Zip.

Even Beauprez was a no-show. He apparently was at work. His wife was his stand-in.

Coulter and Beauprez seem like an exceptionally good match. They are both shameless opportunists who have gone over to the far right side of the dark side. Wikipedia has a good summary.

Here's a summary of the summary.

Beauprez chaired Colorado's Republican party for three years. Then, through the magic of redistricting, he won a newly-created seat in Congress in 2003 (by 121 votes'"hence, a mandate).

Beauprez was a recipient of Tom DeLay's largesse via ARMPAC. He has the distinction of being the only U.S. Congress-person to have accepted money from Michael Cherney (aka Mikhail Chernoy), whom Wikipedia describes as a suspected member of the Russian mafia, trafficking in bribery and murder. The State Department has barred him from entering this country. Apparently Beauprez forgot to disclose the donation, along with a paid trip to Israel, until DeLay's behind was in the grinder.

In February, Beauprez showed up for a photo op wearing a military-issued uniform. Trouble is, Beauprez never served in the military. He got three draft deferments and a medical release during the Vietnam era.

Finally, this from Wikipedia: "In May 2006, ProgressNow, a liberal advocacy group, produced an Internet-based ad that again focused on Beauprez's draft status during Vietnam and his flight suit posing. The Beauprez campaign dismissed the ad as done by a 'well-financed attack machine'." The ad cost less than $300 to produce.

This is going to be an interesting race to follow. Likely it will reek a bit of Rove, unless they've written this guy off.

Just got word from a friend in Colorado that Bill Ritter has outpaced the fundraising of Beauprez. Gosh, I wonder if Beauprez could get Ann Coulter to come back.

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