July 03, 2006 by susan

According to right wing mush heads like columnist Jonah Goldberg, we liberals (however you want to define that -- Open-minded? Respectful of individual rights? Generous?) are the reason we're losing the war on terror that the three Bushkateers are so gallantly waging this holiday, as the rockets red glare light up the skies over their ranches and beach homes.

I am feeling just a little bit nudgy about celebrating our independence when we don't seem to have so much of it anymore, starting with the obvious oil addiction and our trizillion dollar debt to China. And then there's yesterday's image of the Baghdad market blown to smithereens, the horribly burned little boy in the hospital, today's photo of the mass graves and on it goes.

So driving to someone's second home to eat charred pork offal, wave the endangered flag (is it right, really, to stick them in petunia pots?) and ooh and ah as boozed-up men scamper around the beach detonating costly Chinese explosives for our amusement . . . I can't go there.

This year, I'm thinking it is better to curse the darkness -- and its bunker-dwelling prince -- than to light anything. Although a candle to quietly honor the dead, and to hope for a brighter future, might work too.

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Anonymous (not verified) | July 4, 2006 - 5:54pm

Aha, gotcha. I'm impressed by what I'm seeing! Thanks for telling me how simple it is to get into your blog - and what fun!! Right now I've just glanced at your stuff because I'm being summoned to help hold some part of a chair that's being sawed or something, but I intend to read it all a little later - pretty cool! More to follow, your Sis, Ann