How extremists do bidness

February 01, 2012 by barbara

barbara writes

Does this bother anyone else? I’m talking about the return on investment (ROI) that we the people receive for paying Minnesota’s Republican state legislators.

Did some quick math. (Full disclosure: I have not done a line item analysis of an annual report, if such there be.)

Let’s start with the MN state senate, wherein there are 37 GOP senators, constituting a majority:

Base pay: $31,140 per year x 37 = $1,152,180

Allowable pay hike for 3 leadership positions:
12,456 x 3 = 37,368

TOTAL GOP senate base pay = $1,189,548

Per diem: $77/day during session
(assuming weekdays only and a 20-week session)
100 days x $77/day x 37 Senators = $284,900

Defined contribution plan: Senators pay up to 5%
of their salary; state then pays up to 6%; ergo,
1,189,548 base pay x .06 state match = $71,372

TOTAL SALARY EXPENSE: MN GOP Senate $1,545,820 *
*This does not include paid health care nor any
other less obvious benefits

Moving along, the MN State House of Representatives has 72 GOP reps, also a majority; the math is the same as above:

TOTAL MN GOP House base pay = $2,279,448
Per diem = $554,400
Defined contribution plan = $136,766

TOTAL SALARIES: MN GOP House = $2,970,614

GOP legislators only = $4,516,434

So let’s just round up to $5 million dollars to accommodate the unknowns.

• Minnesota taxpayers are providing $5 million annually out of our earnings to pay salaries to a collective group of 109 GOP legislators.
• These GOP legislators meet largely under the cloak of secrecy and have built a firewall between themselves and the people.
• Their entire output for the past year and half has been the following:

No. No to everything. Just no.

People? That's $5 million worth of NO. It appears that the return on taxpayer investment (ROI) in GOP legislators is zero. Governor Dayton is correct that the GOP extremists are not fit to lead.

Let me say this again. The GOP has given us nada for our investment. I, for one, can think of any number of better uses for $5 million in this state. Like, paying reasonable, rational human beings to govern?! And I’m banking (pardon the expression) on the DFL to rout the extremists.

Meanwhile, I believe we should all ask for a refund. Just sayin’.

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