Radical righteousness

September 11, 2011 by barbara

(Our fanatics don't look dangerous, but....)

Susan speaks: The post I wanted to share is about Homeland Security studying credible threats to the U.S. govt. on Wednesday night by a group of religious fanatics.

(barbara note: In that pretty good spoof that would be funnier if it weren’t so close to the truth, Andy Borowitz writes:

Homeland Security spokesman Harland Dorinson said that the Department did not want to alarm the American people, “but whenever you have a group of individuals threatening to dismantle the US government piece by piece, it has to be taken seriously.”)

barbara says: You know what? Our U.S. teabag fanatics are leading the way in making radical threats and attempting to dismantle the US government piece by piece. Foreign fanatics could actually sit back and let them do their work for them if they were willing to be patient a little while longer. If nothing else, Republicans are a quick study. And 9/11 taught the radical right that if they can keep Americans perpetually fearful about something – pretty much anything, as it turns out – they can enact their agenda, however odious and destructive it may be. Booga booga. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Current list includes, but is not limited to perpetuating fear about: Democrats, a black president, Muslims, Mexicans, the French, the Russians, Libya, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan (though not so much), Palestine, Wisconsin; government; gays, Jews, unions, old people, poor people, babies from the moment of birth; social justice, “entitlements,” uppity women not in covenant relationships, the unemployed, climate change experts, economists, Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart, “Catcher in the Rye,” the Clintons, George Soros, and anything even approaching optimism about…well, about pretty much anything.

Susan: Teachers. Don’t forget teachers.

barbara: Right. And philosophers and poets and Michael Moore.

Susan: Another thing. Could we all stop calling the Republican contenders and other Ayn Rand devotees “conservatives”? I know we can’t get away with calling them dangerous dumbf**ks in the public forum, but could the media handle “radical right” or just “radicals”?

Once again, we Dems fail at the messaging thing. If a group on the left proposed the dangerous stuff that they are, the Repubs would have named them something like the O-bomb-O-Crats and every pol and pundit would be repeating it. Anyone care to take a stab at naming them?

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