Either/Or: The ambiguity stops here

August 15, 2011 by barbara

barbara writes

Dear Marcus Bachmann:

I have a question for you about your marriage to The Petite Michele. (I assume that’s her legal name, since that’s how she’s being referenced now by the media).

I know, I know. You imply that the nature of your marital relationship is none of our business. Love that little bit of hypocritical irony, you two!

The Petite Michele flung this “submissive wife” thing into the arena her very own self. But now, both of you are dodging questions about her submissiveness. You say it’s irrelevant. Wow. So scriptural imperative is irrelevant in your universe? I think not. By virtue of your strict adherence to the centuries-old book authored by authoritarian men in a patriarchal society, you cannot have it both ways.

Simple question: The Petite Michele either IS or IS NOT submissive to you. Which is it?

It is not prurient interest that leadeth me to inquire. No. Many of us harbor deep concern about who would be The Decider in the unlikely event that The Petite Michele should wake up in a White House bedroom with you in January 2013.

While waiting for your next evasion, I believe I’ll do a little Bible study on truth and the telling of it.

Weary, Wary American

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