Are we invisible down here?

August 07, 2011 by barbara

barbara writes

Another day without a call from Barack Obama. (sigh)

Like every other keyboard genius, I figure he ought to pop in for some real-people advice.

Like every other keyboard genius, I most likely would blink and babble and fail to articulate my brilliant thinking while he speaks eloquently but incompletely.

I’m feeling no small amount patronized and discounted by my president. My pattable little head is no longer pretty, if ever it was. But its worry capacity has expanded over the past few years, with good reason.

Mr. President, I am having heavy-duty abandonment issues. It’s lonely for me down here in the little people trenches. Lonely and pretty darn scary. I have to climb very high up the political leadership chain – I have no representatives in the state legislature nor in the U.S. House – to find anyone in government who represents me. That boils down to Al Franken. After Al, there’s nobody, far as I can tell. Are you there?

There's a fierce battle of concepts and words going on down here about you. You're a sly fox. No, you've lost your mojo. You're going to unleash an amazing counter-attack on the domestic terrorists. No, you're spineless and bland. You care deeply about the people of this country. No, you're a politician who cares only about being re-elected. You're smart and savvy. No, you're naive and you've been rolled.

That kind of thing.

I’ve said this before, but it bears repeating. Someone (Barack Obama?) said that a distinguishing feature of Democratic leadership is the belief that citizens can be trusted with the truth.

So here’s my question, Mr. President. What the hell is really going on with you? Seriously.

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