The worst of times in the midst of the worst of times

July 25, 2011 by barbara

barbara writes

"But there was also public discontent."

That's a snippet from this Doug Grow interview with Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton. Dayton reflects on the necessity, as he viewed it, of ending the MN government shutdown.

Public discontent.

That's a carefully crafted way of saying, "They're mad as hell and they won't take this any more."

"This" is secrecy vs. transparency.

"This" is GOP political vendetta vs. responsible and responsive governing.

"This" is inheriting the disastrous trickle-down aftermath of Tim Pawlenty's "I'd rather be president because this governor thingie is not big enough to accommodate my run-amok ego" reign, and blaming our social and economic toxic waste situation on Mark Dayton and the Democrats.

"This" is allowing party machinery to dictate to legislators. Minnesotans didn't elect Sutton and Brodkorb.

"This" is pretending that all is well, even temporarily. It's not.

"This" is stomping all over the rights (r-i-g-h-t-s) of Minnesotans and essentially saying, "Well, that's just how we roll."

"This" is Minnesota at its absolute worst. The Pawlenty legacy.

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