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July 16, 2011 by barbara

barbara writes

It's a matter of no small concern that the Republicans in the Minnesota legislature who were elected to....well, that remains a bit of a puzzle....let's just say "legislate"....take their marching orders from party hacks vs. real people.

As noted elsewhere, the loud and larger than life Tony Sutton (GOP party chair) is the mouthpiece for the far more dangerous Michael Brodkorb (GOP vice chair)--the party hack's party hack, whose professed hero is Karl Rove. Brodkorb is a mega-radical and a very scary dude. One assumes he has great political aspirations for himself, because the ventriloquist role is not going to satisfy him indefinitely.

Brodkorb's fingerprints are all over Sutton's lips, all the time. Take, for example, this recent, relatively subtle gem:

"In the wake of what has been a highly partisan, campaign-like atmosphere since Gov. Dayton shut down state government on July 1..."

Gov. Dayton shut down state government.....seriously?! I smell this spin message, and it has the odor of legislator puppet-masters. Oh, yeah, mixed metaphor. I do that because...well, because I can. I guess I should have been a Republican.

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