Flying the friendly skies?

November 20, 2010 by barbara

by barbara

In the questionable-taste-that-elicits-a-laugh department:


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Anon 1 (not verified) | November 22, 2010 - 3:47pm

Yes Barbara, it would be funny,actually very funny, except for the fact that we are being governed and led by incompetent people at almost every level. The fact that it involves our personal safety and the Nations safety takes all of the humor out of it for me.

Really, all the American people are left to do is shake their heads in disbelief as to the levels that we have fallen in two years.


susan | December 11, 2010 - 12:56pm

Just flew to Mpls. from Rabat, Morocco, via Paris. While in Morocco I heard talk of Al Q'aeda moving some of their people through Morocco into Spain and Europe and points beyond. Moroccans are a very low-key bunch, on the whole, devout Muslims with no agenda other than leading good lives. (okay, there's more to it than that, and don't get them started on the West Sahara issue or Algerians, but for another time.) So granted it's not a hot-bed of fanaticism, but it still seems like a place were tight security, a la Israel's, might be prudent.
So it was a bit -- alarming when the metal detectors sounded as I put my baggage through a scanner and the three women guards continued their conversation uninterrupted. Then when we went through pre-boarding security we did not take off our shoes, did not take our computers out, did not take any clothes off, just put loose change into a dish. When I started to take off my necklace that always beeps they told me not to bother. When I then beeped they started to discuss whether or not to send me back through, but then a guard saw something in another guy's bag and they forgot about me. I stood dutifully waiting but clearly no one was interested so I just walked on. It felt a little loosey goosey to me.
In CDG Paris things were a little more controlled --- it is the airport where the underpants bomber started the last leg of his ball-burning mission after all -- but there were also lots of travelers in bulky religiously-dictated robes -- I'm including nuns and Buddhist monks here, as well as what I assumed to be Muslims -- and as I took off my coat, scarf and boots, I wondered why all of them only took off their shoes. Not a full body scan or pat-down in sight.
So I don't know anon, why you call our government incompetent for trying to keep us from being blown to bits in the sky. Yes, it's a hideous invasion and one hopes that eventually there will be a better way to do this than have us all fly nearly-naked, but for now seems to me that you'd be outraged if our government were as non-chalant as the guards in Rabat appeared to be. Israel has been using very tight and effective security for years because they understand that's the price of living in a complicated world, with enemies who want to wipe you off the map. We are now faced with the same. Seems to me that you -- assuming you are our usual "anon" -- have a knee-jerk aversion to anything the government does.