What are YOU voting for? : Part V

October 27, 2010 by barbara

by barbara

This is not an issue that matters much to high rollers -- though there are some Dem elites who seem to care in principle. Which is good. Take, for example, Mark Dayton....

For the rest of us -- and our numbers are legion -- Social Security is not a frou-frou add-on. It is near and dear to our bank accounts. And guess what? We didn't plan our lives intending to need SS to eke out an after-age-62-existence. But stuff happens. Illness. Injury. Divorce, Death. Job loss. Home foreclosure.

Ever try to find work in the post-Bush economic wasteland? The job market is not a pretty place, particularly for cash-strapped Read more. seniors whose investments, assets and energy have tanked.

Something there is in my deep core that does not trust Republicans to have the best interest of anyone but Republicans at heart. It is the way of things.

I envision a continuing onslaught, attempting to slash and burn anything with the fingerprints of FDR and his Democratic successors on it. Does that make sense? Well, no. It doesn't. But the party of NO is about tearing down, moving backwards and maintaining an unapproachable and menacing presence.

I'm voting to protect Social Security. You?

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