On the local scene: Pay attention to substance!

October 26, 2010 by barbara

Guest post by Alan Anderson

One week. Then we have an essential job to do. We will go to the polls to choose important legislators and leaders.

It’s a particularly ugly election climate this year with outside groups spending four times more than they did in 2006. Much of the money goes to TV ads and flyers. And most of the messages are nasty and filled with untruths or hyperbole, i.e., inflated claims.

This is the truth:

- The economy is coming back, despite Republicans claims.

- The Dow is at 11,200 points—its highest level since spring. It was at 6,500 early in the Obama administration.

- Profits for most companies are up, with Minnesota companies Read more. sitting on more than $125 million in cash, evidently waiting until after the election to make moves that will increase hiring and improve the economic climate.

- The Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest known groups working against Democratic candidates, hoping to buy legislators who will relax environmental regulations and eliminate government oversight. Such actions would greatly increase profits…and allow companies to ship even more jobs overseas. Ironically, they are shipping them to China and Vietnam….Communist countries we detested a few decades ago. Looks like economic interests trump political ideology when all is said and done.

Locally, we have unnecessarily ugly struggles between candidates with experience and substance and challengers with weak resumes, especially when it comes to being active citizens in the community.

Perhaps most disturbing is the House 38A race, where incumbent Sandy Masin is being challenged again by Republican Diane Anderson…(unlike incumbent Masin) Anderson has not been active in Eagan politics or civic life, except to run for political office…It isn’t clear what she has done…Some have suggested she worked with groups that argued women’s shelters and state child support guidelines are unconstitutional! What is that about??

…Similarly, wildly negative mailed-flyers distort information about moderate candidates Mike Obermueller (House 38B) and Jim Carlson (Senate 38). Both have solid, verifiable records of accomplishment.

All three Democratic candidates have held regular listening sessions over the past two years, providing constituents access and transparency. The Republicans? Not so much.

We’ll see what happens next week. I sincerely hope the influence of thousands and thousands of dollars of outside money won’t sway the election. I hope that people will look at the candidates and make sure those they choose are credible and capable of handling a $40 billion dollar budget for a state of more than five million people.

Please consider the seriousness of the election before casting your vote. This is not a game, and it’s fair to say that much of our future depends on your choices.

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