Got no time to sulk

September 16, 2010 by barbara

Clotheslineblog guest George Willnot* writes:

I would say there's only way way to deal with political depression for those Democrats who are sighing and sulking: Dump your grievances with Democrats in Washington who don't behave the way you want Democrats to sound and behave.

I've heard from dozens of normally active and unapologetic Democrats who seem sucked into believing they are the ones who protect the holy writ of the party. Sometimes it takes a Bill Clinton to bend their noses back into shape as he did earlier this week.

The Democrats who think we're lost because they're convinced Obama turned out to be a sham, and who wonder what happened to the concept of guts in the Congress, need to know the one answer to their miasma: Turn every precinct inside out and strong-arm every sulking Democrat in sight to vote in November and two years from now.

The Republicans are going to come with torrents of money from K Street and Target and WalMart and Best Buy and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. The Democrats are going to be outspent every day and out-talked by the Limbaughs and laughed at every day by the pukeheads on Fox News and out-churched by the Becks, but Read on!

there are still more Democrats than Republicans, especially the ones out of a job. The Democrats can keep majorities in Congress and keep the White House two years from now if they stop wringing their hands and make sure that all the Democrats who are wringing their hands and bellyaching about Obama know there's only one way to win, and they're it.

They're never going to get the agenda they dreamed about, because the Supreme Court is making that impossible and the Republicans know now how to shut down the government, which they will keep doing until they’re back running the government. But the Democrats can buy some time in November and they can stop crying.

And Democrats can stage their own protests, not against their own but against the Wall Street manipulators and gamblers who wrecked the housing market, and took the public's money when the economy fell apart. They are now living it up with record bonuses in the middle of a recession while millions of people don't have enough to eat and have kids who can't go to a decent college.

So the bankers have now shut down the loan offices and are sitting on billions of dollars of cash and investing it while the corporations keep exporting American jobs to China and India and making us believe that ending their tax reductions is somehow going to bankrupt the country,

I'm sorry, but we need to stop blaming the wrong guys. So we don't like the Democrat on the ballot. Thousands of Democrats said that a few years ago and elected Tim Pawlenty. Years before that they said the same thing and elected Jesse Ventura.

*George Willnot is the pseudonym of a lifelong Democrat who knows politics.

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Mr G (not verified) | September 16, 2010 - 1:20pm

Have you lost your during this economic disaster? You should be mad as hell about the people who ran the government for 8 years and allowed businesses to regulate themselves. From Enron to Lehmon Brothers these wealthy people who got tax breaks only seemed to get greedier.


Agnes Memnon (not verified) | September 16, 2010 - 1:31pm

I think you're missing the point. Anger, yes. Blaming Obama and most of the Dem incumbents, no. Best hope we have is to move the sleeping Dem voters off their butts and into the polls on Nov 2. Seems like that is Mr Willnot's bottom line here? Less blaming, more doing?


Anon 2 (not verified) | September 17, 2010 - 7:15pm

Mr Obama is an absolute disaster. It did not have to be this way. The country should not have had to go through this. Many knew, if they did any kind of research on their own that this man was a fraud. I say "on their own" because the very people and organizations that would normally be "investigative journalists" to expose frauds and incompetents did not do their jobs...nor were voters very smart.

The damage done to the Democratic party will last a very long time...the results of November 2nd will be absolutely stunning, with losses incurred even by House and Senate members who at this present moment are considered to be relatively safe.