Reconciliation time

August 11, 2010 by barbara

barbara writes

Minnesota’s Democratic governor candidate buffet was like a Swedish smorgasbord. Bland, white, arguably wholesome stuff. Notable absence of spice. Is that a bad thing? Dunno. We’ll see.

I’ve been largely ambivalent about the Minnesota governor primary. Two wealthy, self-financing white males who were bucking (with a “b”) the arcane DFL system. One kinda, sorta grass-rootsy female, immersed in and blessed by the DFL.

But now that chapter is closed. This morning, Mark Dayton emerged victorious over Margaret Anderson Kelliher and Matt Entenza. We know MD won, because the Associated Press told us so. Presumably Secretary of State Mark Ritchie – the only genuine authority on the results – has by now weighed in, having waited until all the votes are counted. Kinda flies in the face of instant gratification, doesn't it? Read more.

BTW, my unenthusiastic ramble notwithstanding, and in the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I voted for Dayton. And I will support him, even though I can’t for the life of me imagine what he needs from me besides my vote.

Anyway, we now begin the agonizing,12-week grind toward the general election on November 02.

But wait. Assuming this all runs according to the script of history, a few more things must happen:

1.) Margaret Anderson Kelliher must endure the probing eyes of the news cameras at 3:00 p.m. today, while announcing she is proud of her campaign team and yes, of course she will support Mark Dayton. And she will smile to show that she’s a plucky lass. Which, actually, she is. It is no small thing she has accomplished in this election cycle, even given the outcome.

2.) MAK and the DFL must proclaim that it is time for party unity – a tone-deaf proclamation when the people have basically handed the party its ass, and they still won’t get it. The failure of the DFL-endorsed candidate to win will be blamed on the ignorati, i.e., the 15% of eligible voters who actually got off their sofas to decide this thing. That is, of course, an absolutely pathetic percentage, but that’s a conversation for another time.

3.) MAK and her campaign team will retreat to their bunker to lick their wounds. Essential work at this point.

4.) Mark Dayton must call for party unity. Really, he has no choice, even though he sees the enormous irony in that. Sort of like unifying mercury.

5.) Emmer will air one of the commercials that’s been in the vault, awaiting emergence of the eventual winner. It will feature his own new designer self, which ought to last for about three days before he reverts to form. Again, another story for another time.

While it probably amazes the DFL that much of its presumed base has grown restive and cynical, perhaps this primary will serve as a wee wake-up call. I am not optimistic, though. As I have noted elsewhere, political leadership on the left trends narcoleptic. Ergo, wake-up calls are just pesky little snooze alarms.

Onward to November.

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