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July 17, 2010 by barbara

barbara writes

Has it really been just five days since I left Minnesota for my uncle’s funeral in Illinois? I was relatively out of touch with folks back home while I was gone, and also with the news.

However, I did catch snippets over motel bagels and watery orange juice each morning. It amazed me that motels in southern Iowa and Illinois (fairly hard-core conservative-land), TVs were tuned to either CNN or MSNBC. Not a Fox to be seen. Yoicks!

Here are some things that emerged over the past five days:

• BP is getting very close to capping the well that caused the catastrophic “spill,” i.e., three-month gusher of monstrous proportions that has killed flora and fauna, jobs, spirits and whatever fragment of trust we might have had in the oil industry.

• Rod Blagojevich has an ego and a mouth at least as big as Michele Bachmann’s. Even so, Minnesota’s loud, hairy one finagled more air time than Rod the Badly Coiffured Wunderkind in his own state. I read this morning that MB wants to start a Tea Party Caucus in the U.S. House of Representatives. Pay attention, please. I said “in the U.S. House of Representatives,” not D.C. Middle School for Kewl Kids. It seems to me that Bachmann is all about posing and posturing, playing games (remember her hide and seek gig?), forming cliques, flipping hair and flapping gums. Harsh? Mebbe. But second only to Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann is the most narcissistic nymph at the water’s edge.

• Bristol Palin and Levi Johnston. Oh, man. Will we ever be finished with that wretched family? Most interesting news surrounding the impending Read on.

nuptials is that Bristol says she now believes in abstinence, and she will not have sex with Levi until they’re married. O…M…G…. WTF?

• BP is even closer to capping the well that caused catastrophic destruction in the Gulf and beyond.

• Twins update: Justin Morneau has a concussion. Friend of mine is job hunting, and I asked if she can pitch. Well, you just never know, ya know?

• Republican gov wannabe, Tom Emmer, continues to demonstrate his immense across-the-board cluelessness, and was rewarded for his bizarre smack-down-those-who-receive-tips position with pennies from heaven. Sweet.

• Dick Cheney might get a new heart. I’m thinkin’ too little, too late.

• MN part-time gov Tim “MIA” Pawlenty is not running for president. Tim Pawlenty is sucking up money like a Hoover, and I don’t mean Herbert. Connect the dots.

• Hooray! BP has capped the well (a good thing, finally), but the soft-voiced footnote is that it may not work long term. Surely they have no ass left to cover.

Yup, barbara is back, for today, anyway.

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